“EveryGirl” Cooking (and Eating!) with Maria Menounos

Multi-talented is an understatement when describing E! News anchor, Maria Menounos. She has already scored major success as a journalist, actress, radio host, producer, CEO, guest WWE professional wrestler … and now as a two-time New York Times bestselling author, thanks to her EveryGirl’s Guide series.

The most recent addition, “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking,” is a collection of 150 easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes. We got to talk to Menounos about how to make healthy choices and be a part of her EveryGirl lifestyle revolution.

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Her EveryGirl Inspiration
When writing the cookbook for her EveryGirl squad, Menounos was inspired by her own life experiences and Greek heritage. She lost 40 pounds in college, kept it off, and still maintains her beautiful physique, despite her hectic schedule, thanks to the recipes she shares in her book. She explains, “The recipes in this book are literally what I eat every day.” From her tantalizing recipes for “Apple Pie Quinoa Porridge” to “Spinach and Walnut-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms,” to protein-packed smoothies, Menounos has a difficult time choosing her favorite: “It’s hard to pick one. They are all my favorites!”

Don’t “Diet!”
Menounos has surprising advice about dieting: “Don’t go on a diet!” Instead, she suggests making small changes. Cut back a little in the beginning, she says, because “you’re still eating anything you want, just a little bit less.” And, once that gets easy, Menounos says, “you do little bit more, and that accumulates.”

She lost 20 pounds in five months following this strategy. Additionally, she recommends keeping the whole process a secret: “I never told anyone I was on a diet, and I never told myself I was on a diet. It is the biggest tip ever, because [telling others] sets you up for failure.”


Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

Gazing at her abs gracing all those magazine covers, it’s surprising to discover that Menounos allows herself cheat days. Here’s how she does it:

  • She follows the “75/25 Rule” by eating as clean as she can 75 percent of the time, then “leaving a little room for the rest.”
  • Because she’s staying healthy most of the time, she doesn’t feel guilty eating some of her “Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Pecans” (recipe on page 208 of her book).
  • Menounos believes that some flexibility does the body good: “If you stick to the 75/25 Rule and eat 75 percent clean, then you have a little wiggle room.”


Make It a Lifestyle
When looking to lose weight, Menounos explains, “it really is all about making those little changes, cutting back slowly, and feeling out what works for you.” Since she has a family history of diabetes, the super fit celeb has always been more concerned about being healthy, not skinny. “You really have to make it a lifestyle and it’s even more fun when you can do that with your partner and family.”


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