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Everything You Need Is Within: GiGi Robinson Talks Mental Health + Body Image

We’ve entered into a space in social media where we glorify the Instagram model and those that fit that aesthetic. Everyone wants to be an influencer, and with people chasing a certain look visually, everyone is starting to have the same look. It’s nothing new that a large part of social media is about obtaining likes and the validation that comes from the praise of viewers.

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Brands, especially those that got the better part of their influence and recognition from Instagram, understand the power of the social media influencer and seek out influencers that they feel embody their target audience for engagement and likes. If nothing else, it is effective. The effect of this marketing tactic is that brands oftentimes alienate a good part of their customers by featuring one type of women, be that body type or complexion or ethnicity.

GiGi Robison is looking to change the single minded look of what an influencer should look like in 2021 with the creation of her a recent Instagram Live, IGTV series called “Everything You Need is Within” which can be viewed on her Instagram page @itsgigirobinson. This series was inspired by a conversation led by GiGi and Julia Michaels about mental health and body image.

“As a creator, I have put a lot of time into evaluating the companies that I work with. It is my top priority to find brands that put diversity at the forefront of their campaigns and in their core values; if their actions do not align with mine, I will not work with the brand.I encourage more creators to reflect on the brands that they are working with and continue to hold them accountable with their statements, especially regarding social justice and inclusivity.” Gigi says.

GiGi has always been very passionate about debunking editing, posing and lighting tactics often used in mainstream media to help others gain body confidence of their own. In the past, Robinson has shared her experience living with and recovering from several different eating disorders in addition to her chronic illnesses, which she writes “is the reason why I have to speak about body image issues and stigmas even more”.

“So far, it has been incredible to be able to have conversations every week with women around the world who are killing it in their fields. I hope that this series inspires young women to accomplish and follow their dreams while also being mindful of mental health, body image and sustainability, personally and in business.”

About GiGi Robinson

Gigi is a USC Graduate and current Masters student whose passion is creating content with an intention of making a positive impact on as many young people as possible through imagery and videography. Gigi often speaks about the ways that she can expose false imagery in media, posing tips, behind the scenes of image making, philanthropy and advocacy work across her social media platforms (@itsgigirobinson), and in articles such as The Female Lead, Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo! and Viacom.


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