Experience The Taste Of Montauk At The Surf Lodge

Most New Yorkers will agree that their summers are not complete without a weekend getaway to the Hamptons. Looking to spend a few relaxing days in Montauk? Make the most of your stay with a true Montauk dining experience at The Surf Lodge. This charming beachfront hot spot has recently made some changes to its kitchen to gear up for the season. Culinary Director Ron Rosselli adds an Italian and Mediterranean touch to the team and works closely together with Chef de Cuisine Angela Bazan to give you a culinary experience that will make you dream of Montauk long after your stay at The Surf Lodge.

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What are your responsibilities and goals as Culinary Director at The Surf Lodge Montauk?

Ron Rosselli: To create an experience for people. We want to elevate, we want to be really consistent, but we also want to make sure we have a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully when you try the food you can feel that it was made with the same love and passion as the people sourcing it and serving it.

What are your responsibilities and goals as Chef de Cuisine at The Surf Lodge Montauk?

Angela Bazan: My responsibility at the Surf Lodge is to lead a kitchen team that loves what they do and is passionate about the dishes we’re preparing. When you cook with passion, love, and fresh local ingredients from Montauk, the dishes deliver an amazing experience every time.

What is your secret recommendation on the menu?

Ron Rosselli: The fisherman at Gosman’s are always giving us tips about when the next great catch is coming in so that there’s a good chance that the seafood you’re ordering was just in the water that morning. Make sure to get something from the Raw Bar to start your meal with a burst of Montauk flavor.

Angela Bazan: One of the best fish to try here in Montauk is the Fluke because you can get it fresh daily. We paired it with a mango vinaigrette and some local micro greens we sampled at GoodWater farms to make it a really refreshing dish on a hot summer day.

How would you describe the culinary scene of Montauk and The Hamptons?

Ron Rosselli: It’s not a chef-driven culinary scene but an ingredient driven one. You’re only as good as the relationships you have with your local farmers and fishermen.

How has your cooking in Montauk changed from your time at the French Culinary Institute and in New York City kitchens?

Angela Bazan: Cooking in Montauk is more about the partnerships we make with our local purveyors and the fresh local ingredients they recommend. My hope is that in pairing that with classic French cooking techniques and my experience of cooking with Ron at the Standard Grill and at our newly opened Bowery Road in New York, it gives the Surf Lodge customer a really memorable experience.

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes?

Ron Rosselli: My recipes draw from Italian and Mediterranean influences of light and flavorful coastal dishes. They are also inspired by the fresh bounty of seafood and produce coming out of Montauk. I’ve refined my recipes over the years while in the kitchens of Cafe Boulud, Locanda Verde, and The Standard Grill.

Angela Bazan: So I’m a Queens native, and not many know this, but Queens is known to have the most languages spoken in a square mile than anywhere else in the world. That means trying a lot of different food from different cultures! I’m constantly introduced to new flavors and cuisines from the vastly diverse restaurants and markets in the neighborhood. Each dish I work on aims to pay homage to these experiences.

What is your favorite go-to dish to make at home?

Ron Rosselli: I like to keep it healthy, fresh, and flavorful. Whatever fresh greens they have at a market with some grains. Topped with an egg, and some hot sauce for a kick.

Angela Bazan: Breakfast is my favorite meal and my go-to dish is an over-easy egg sandwich on sourdough with avocado, bacon, and my favorite Sicilian olive oil. One of the most exciting things for me about the opportunity is to put together a really great brunch experience here in Montauk.

Don’t miss out on this fine dining experience and get a taste of Montauk at The Surf Lodge this summer! Dinner is served from 5pm to 10pm Monday through Thursday and from 5pm to 11pm Friday through Sunday. Prefer to enjoy the sun with a light bite by the water? The Surf Lodge serves everything to satisfy your Sunday brunch needs from 11am to 3:30pm! To make a reservation, visit www.thesurflodge.com/restaurant.

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