Exploring the Significance of Pelvic Health with Desert Harvest

For years, health and wellness pioneers Iliana Brockman and Heather Florio have been on a journey to help alleviate pelvic pain associated with maladies like interstitial cystitis (IC), the debilitating chronic bladder condition that affects over 12 million people.

Brockman herself has suffered from IC for over two decades, with symptoms that include severe pelvic and bladder spasms. When it proved too difficult to perform the internal massages recommended by her physical therapist in order to ease her IC-related pelvic floor issues, she solved the problem herself. Out of necessity, Brockman created a pelvic wand that she patented and parlayed into a business in support of IC relief. Today, she has helped thousands of women and men with a variety of pelvic-related problems.

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Florio is the CEO of Desert Harvest, a nutritional supplement company that utilizes a proprietary, whole-leaf, super-strength, aloe vera extract originally created to relieve IC symptoms suffered by her aunt. Since taking the helm of the family business in 2012, Florio has expanded the product line, grown company revenue from $1 million to $10 million, and initiated medical research proving the company’s aloe vera capsules are more effective and faster in providing IC symptom relief than the prescription medication used to treat the condition.

“Desert Harvest has spent nearly three decades providing scientifically studied, all-natural supplement and skincare lines to help meet the relief needs of people suffering from under-recognized urological, women’s health and intimate health issues, complications of radiation oncology therapy, and more,” says Florio.

For years, these two powerhouses have worked together in observing and advocating for Pelvic Pain Awareness Month each May. More recently, Desert Harvest acquired Brockman’s company, helping fulfill Florio’s mission to become a central source for meeting diverse pelvic health needs.

“Carrying on Iliana’s mission of IC relief was a natural next step with our long-standing relationship and alignment of ethos, values, and mission of helping people where they are in their pelvic health journey,” Florio explains.

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Brockman’s EZ Magic Pelvic Therapy Wand and EZ Magic XL Pelvic Therapy Wand can now be found on Desert Harvest’s website in the Pelvic Support Bundle. The bundle also includes related resources like the book, “The Musculoskeletal Mystery: How To Solve Your Pelvic Floor Symptoms,” written by Dr. Ingrid Harms-Ernandez. Dr. Ingrid has not only helped thousands of patients find relief, but also taught gynecologists, urologists, sex therapists, and many others how to address these issues. Today, as co-director of Duke University’s Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency Program and one of the first certified pelvic health physical therapists in the U.S., Dr. Ingrid has assisted consumers and medical professionals in determining how to reduce symptoms that can’t be treated with medication or surgery.

“One of the biggest mysteries associated with pelvic conditions is the musculoskeletal system. Our pelvis is rich with muscles and supportive tissues and when it does not function correctly, many symptoms and conditions can develop,” explains Dr. Ingrid. She also uses the wands on her physical therapy patients, stating “no one should have to live with incontinence, pain with sex, or any other pelvic conditions.”

Florio plans to expand her already thriving brand and add other tools to help both women and men on their pelvic health journeys.

For more on pelvic health related products, visit DesertHarvest.com.


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