F.Major. Heels. Straight Up. Hold The Hurt.

The Myth

As Alessia Cara says in her hit song “Scars to Your Beautiful” lyrics —beauty is pain. That is the story that the fashion industry has been selling us for as long as I can remember. But is this true? Must we really sacrifice our comfort for the price of style? I know I have bought into this myth, recently informing my 20 year old daughter as she tried on multiple pairs of ill-fitting heels for her sorority event. “Sorry honey, this is just life” I said. “You are going to have to get used to it”. But must we? Why is it that in order to look good we have to endure shoes that squeeze our feet into some ridiculous contortion, something men would never stand for. How many nights, at the expense of looking and feeling sexy, have I come home with swollen feet, blisters and in so much pain I can barely walk. How many dinners have my gorgeous heels spent more time off my feet and under the table than on, only to prove more difficult to put back on at the end of the night?

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Over the past few years under lockdown, my feet have rebelled. Slippers and sneakers have become my best friend. I am now ready to move on. I CRAVE fashion. I want to get dressed and feel like the sexy goddess I once was. But, I am no longer willing to suffer.  I shouldn’t have to — and neither should you. Guess what, we don’t have to!

The Journey to Change

Life altering moment here. A brand new shoe design has entered my radar. Elegant, simple, sexy, classy and comfortable. F.Major has it all. One shoe perfect for all occasions. How is this possible?

A few years ago, Jennifer Fessler, CEO of F.Major, a mom and lover of fashion, found herself walking barefoot in New York City following a charity event. The pain from her luxury high heels was excruciating. After extensive research on sourcing a comfortable heel that still exuded some sex appeal, and with zero luck, Jennifer took matters into her own hands. “I felt like the shoe industry had forgotten us, women who are getting older and who can afford a great shoe but have wider feet — which often happens when we age – it just doesn’t exist!!!” Case in point, while shopping at a high end department store, Jennifer was told by the sales women that luxury designers simply do not make heels in wide and that she needed to size up in order to find a heel that would work. Teetering around the shoe department, she found it difficult to walk as her heels kept slipping out of the shoe. The saleswoman’s solution? “You just need to relearn how to walk”. At age 50, this didn’t sit well with Jennifer. This sparked her entrepreneurial side. If it doesn’t exist, she was going to change that. And so she did.

With no experience in shoe design, Jennifer, along with her lifelong friend and partner Shari Friedman, President of F.Major, began the process of sourcing a shoemaker that could help them design and manufacture a sexy and comfortable high-end 3 inch heel. They found exactly that through an established shoemaker in Spain, who was already designing shoes for other luxury brands. Enter F.Major. Using the inspiration of a currently existing designer pump, they created two styles using innovation patent-pending technology. Both are black leather, one in patent and one in napa. The first truly stylish and comfortable shoe for women of all ages. And — the best “F you” to the shoe industry that has forgotten the very women who keep them relevant with the means to do so.

These shoes are going to revolutionize the shoe industry. I recently wore the black patent version to an event but out of sheer habit, threw a pair of slippers in my car for the ride home. After many hours on my feet, I barely gave my feet a thought – they were THAT comfortable. When I got into my car to return home, those slippers proved unnecessary. I did not remove my F.Major heels until I arrived home – with zero blisters and no pain.

And so —

Am I ready to throw out my gorgeous collection of designer high heels? Not quite yet – they still look pretty decorating the shelves of my closet. But when I’m heading out for the night, I’m going to grab my F.Majors!

You can find F. Major at ShopFmajor.com or follow them on insta @shopfmajor

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by Kristen Robertiello


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