FACIAL HARMONY: The importance of eyebrows in framing the eyes and allowing for emotional expression



We always hear the expression “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” This is true, but they are complemented by the eyebrows, which frame the eyes and the face, giving us different unique characteristics, personality and expressions.

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Over the years of experience in the beauty business I have learned about the importance of the eyebrows. As an optometrist, I learned how to do eyeliners, and of course to me the eye’s shape and eye expressions are very important – this is one of the reasons why I got involved in the cosmetic industry. With time and artistic ability I specialized in the field of micropigmentation, or permanent cosmetics, since 1993. The inquiry for eyebrows increased so much in my practice that it compelled me to research more deeply and understand the importance of the eyebrows.

Anatomically, the definition of the eyebrow is a structure formed with ciliums (hairs), located above the eyes, that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges. The function is protecting the eyes from the excessive light (sunlight) and from sweat, water, and other debris that fall into the eye socket. But another function that is very important is the role of the expression of the eyes and face.

The eyebrows play a powerful role in oral communication. Why? When we talk we can move the eyebrows, creating different expressions like surprise, anger, sadness, happiness, etc., and the showing of emotions has an influence on relationships.

Eyebrows also have an influence on self-esteem. Some conditions and diseases can cause alopecia (loss of hair), and the facial appearance is incomplete and unframed with sparse eyebrows or complete absence of them, causing a psychological impact. That is why pencils, brow powders, and also permanent cosmetics are available on the market, to replace and create the illusion of eyebrows. It is not uncommon for people– women in particular – to modify their eyebrows by means of hair addition (hair transplant), removal (the use of waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal), makeup (pencils, shadows or permanent cosmetics), or piercings, reflecting their own personalities. These changes can make you look younger and enhance your natural features, but badly shaped eyebrows can also go against your face. Well-balanced eyebrows with proper position of the arch can make the cheekbones stand out, also changing the eye expression.

The effect of the eyebrows on the eyes is tremendous and can make them look round, sad or droopy, almond shaped, or lifted. Other forms of modification of the eyebrows are cosmetic surgery or use of Botox to create an eyebrow lift – the raising of the eyebrows creates a youthful and feminine appearance. An illusion of a facelifting can also be achieved with the proper shape of the eyebrows without going under the knife!! The position of the arch thickness and length cancreate the lift, but we have to be careful. If the placement is too high, then you can look surprised all the time.

It is very difficult to design and shape the eyebrows properly. We might know the basics, but we should give them to a professional expert on eyebrows to sculpt them to a perfect shape suitable to your features. The bone structure, features, and facial shape (round, oval, pear, heart, or square) have to be considered in the design of the eyebrows. The goal is for the eyebrows to enhance the eyes and face naturally and create harmonious balance.

The skin tone and hair color, should be involved in the creation and manipulation of the eyebrows. Women with very light skin and blonde hair need slightly darker eyebrows (not too dark), to make the face show better, while women with dark hair need lighter eyebrows to soften their features.

If you decide to permanently modify or change your eyebrows, check the credentials and look at the portfolio of the person you choose. A good professional will give you the best design to enhance your face, and will consider your bone structure, natural features, skin tone, previous cosmetic procedures, and personality. For more information visit www.permanentcosmeticsbyolga.com.

I have numerous personal stories about how permanent cosmetic eyebrows have made a difference in people’s lives, and I want to share with you these two wonderful cases. I hope that this will inspire and educate you on the power of the perfect eyebrow, both aesthetically and the psychological effect they can have on your self-image.


Case #1

When I had my consultation with Olga she thought I was interested in having my eyebrows done. I told her that I was actually there to have permanent eyeliner done. She wanted to show me how I would look with my eyebrows done. She penciled them in and I fell in love with the way it brightened and lifted my face. Having my eyebrows permanently placed has made a world of difference to me. There isn’t a day when I don’t receive a compliment on my eyebrows.                                  Lexy M.


Case #2

I am so happy with my eyebrows. For years I have spent so much time penciling them in, then waking in the morning with no brows and feeling and looking awful. Now I wake up looking like I used to….and it’s wonderful! My friends cannot believe how natural my brows look. As a woman of 82 years old, I am so thrilled that I look as good as I feel.                                                                                                         Rita Dawson

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