Fall Beauty Refresh: BELLA’s Favorite Products

Fall is the time of year when leaves come off the trees and their growing process starts anew. Similarly, we can start anew during this season of change, starting with our beauty regime. Fall is often one of the most difficult times for skincare with the changing weather bringing out dry skin. From a fresh lip to beauty balms, here are some of our current favorite products to make you feel fresh and new.

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Where to even begin with Dr. Paw Paw? Their multi-purpose balms are a godsend, beginning with their original soothing balm that’s a game changer in your bathroom. The super affordable product can be used to tame and style your hair, soothe and protect your skin, help to heal burns and blemishes, and even add a dewy finish to your face. They also have a range of colored and scented balms that are great all-in-one makeup fixes, that can be used to add some color to your lips, cheeks, or lids. One of our favorite products from Dr. Paw Paw is their scrub and nourish lip balm duo, that gently exfoliates and then hydrates your lips. We can’t get enough.

Whether you live in a busy and bustling city, or you’re busy and bustling yourself at workout classes, CelleRX provides a fresh, clean solution. The lightweight spray mist uses hypochlorous acid (HOCI) to protect it from irritation and pollution, as well as repair skin damage, fight breakouts, and remove bacteria. It’s 100% natural and vegan, and doesn’t contain any harsh solvents, alcohol or fragrances, ensuring even sensitive skin becomes happy when using it. Give your face a spritz morning and night, during a busy day, or after a workout to keep it looking and feeling fresh.

Noyah is a cruelty-free, and USDA certified bio based and organic cosmetics brand that specializes in lip care. All of their products are made with food-grade ingredients in commercial kitchens. Plus, all of their packaging is eco-friendly! Did you know that we inadvertently ingest pounds of lip care products throughout our lives? Yeah, that’s why it’s so important to use brands with clean ingredients — and noyah complies not only with cosmetic regulations, but with food regulations, as well. DS of toxic lip care products throughout our lifetime! We love their lip glosses, which come in gorgeous colors like Malbec, summertime peach, and latte love.

Launching October 31st, Canadian skincare brand Graydon Skincare is rolling out a brand new serum suitable for all skin types. Moon Boost Serum is specifically formulated to help hydrate thirsty skin and is infused with 7 plant-based vitamins, plus, it contains super berry blueberry oil which helps to protect your skin from blue light. Add it to your repertoire for the cold upcoming months.

One of our favorite additions to the make up bag this season is WinkyLux‘s Ombré pH Gloss. This tri-colored vegan gloss has amazing pH-matching technology that changes color to complement your skin tone with the perfect shade of pink. It’s also infused with vitamin E to help keep your lips nice and moisturized for a delicate, subtle look.

One step above dry shampoo is Swair, a showerless shampoo that does more than mask dirty hair. Made specially for hair that’s been through one of those sweaty workouts, Swair only requires a few spritzes, a towel dry, your typical styling, and you’re good to go. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind any white residue as dry shampoos sometimes do and smells amazing.


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