Fall Dating Trends that are Good for Relationships

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With fall serving as peak “cuffing season,” it’s good to stay on the cutting edge of new dating trends. With most singles enjoying post-pandemic dating as cities worldwide have opened up most restaurants, bars, gyms, and nightclubs to eager daters, these trends can be good for relationships, especially if you’re serious about meeting someone special after a summer of recreation and fun.

The dating app Bumble recently released its list of new dating trends, and I think more than a few are good for today’s relationships. See what you think:

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This is the new term given to daters who are serious about finding a life partner. Singles dating with purpose and intention do not have time to waste on anyone who’s not aligned with their values and goals. When you “date like a CEO,” you’re not messing around with partners who are not on the same page. Dating can be a bit ruthless for a serious dater who meets someone who shows up late, has inconsistent behavior, or doesn’t respond in a reasonable time. You’re quick to fire anyone who doesn’t live up to your expectations and serve them with exit papers. A Bumble survey of its members explains it perfectly: “Over the past year, almost 70% feel the pandemic has given them an abundance of time to focus on themselves, and 43% shared they have more confidence to say what is and isn’t right for them in their dating life.”


Not surprisingly, the study revealed that 48% of singles prefer to date locally. They feel more comfortable dating someone nearby. Since there’s been an increase in anxiety levels around dating during a pandemic (46%), dating someone local might help take the pressure off with someone you can cuddle and spend time with close to home. As we enter back into our everyday lives and resume some social life, dating locally versus long distance is far more appealing.

Slow dating

This has become a common trend and dating practice for discerning and health-conscious singles. Singles are not as quick to rush into emotional and physical connections, as the pandemic has taught people to be more selective and choose partners who will be by their side for the long run. People who slow-date will invest more time in the beginning trying to get to know someone through conversation before meeting in person. In general, things are moving slower as singles are still concerned about the multiple strains of COVID, vaccinations, traveling, etc.

Dawn daters

During the pandemic, many relationships did not survive. A lot of long-term partnerships ended after being locked down with one another. As the Bumble report notes, “These individuals are now single and ready to start dating again, but many are entirely new to dating apps and understandably anxious about dating right now.” With a fresh batch of new daters on the market, the pool has grown with singles who are ready to mingle! I’m working with many coaching and matchmaking clients who are excited about dating for the first time in a long time. They are not jaded or tired from dating apps. They have a great attitude, and are genuinely looking forward to the experience. Unlike many singles that suffer from “ODF”—online dating fatigue—these singles are beginning the next chapter of their dating life, and you get to show them the ropes!

As you can tell from the newest dating trends, singles have a lot to look forward to when it comes to their love life. Many are slowing down, being more selective, and are focused on meeting someone local to spend time with. There’s an attitude of dating quality over quantity, and dating with intention. It seems like the days of endless swiping for a quick hook-up are behind us, and you can look forward to more discerning, meaning ful, and fun dating experiences.


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