Fall into Fitness Favorites

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Fall is one of our favorite seasons—there is so much newness and excitement in the world of wellness and working out. With a year and a half of so much diversion from our pre-pandemic workout routines, we went searching for the latest, greatest items that are easy to work into your new (and improved!) fitness regime.

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SHEFIT has leveled up the sports bra market—thankfully! We are all tired of sports bras that don’t fit properly or lack the proper support. That’s why we were thrilled to hear about the new launch of SHEFIT with its patented Zip. Cinch. Lift. Technology. This revolutionary selection has expertly evolved to include the original high-impact ULTIMATE, and the medium-impact FLEX Sports Bra. The brand provides 30% more bounce control than other leading brands when tested for running and jumping. Regardless of shape, size, age, and physical abilities, every woman should feel free to do something she knows she’s capable of doing. As they like to say, bras shouldn’t create boundaries, and we couldn’tagree more!

Prices vary, SheFit.com

Nancy Rose Performance ensures we are fully covered—with SPF, that is. Why not be able to have stylish workout pants that feel good and also protect us from the harmful rays of the sun? The Nancy Rose Haze Pant(along with many others in the collection) is made of the brand’s trademark ultra-compression fabric called PowerLux, which offers a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF provides both UVA and UVB protection.

$115, NancyRosePerformance.com

Research shows that approximately 75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated. Hydration impacts health, wellness, performance, sleep, weight loss, and even your skin. Thanks to PÜL Smart Cap, your daily water intake can now be automatically measured and integrated into the PüL app and algorithm, which will update its hydration track in real time. Adaptive reminders are delivered through color-coded LED lights on the SmartCap and via app notifications. The result: Improved hydration leading to better health and wellness.

$99, PulHydration.com

Lasso Socks are medically-backed ankle support and gradient compression to improve performance and recovery. These are no ordinary socks and they have many colors and styles to choose from. We often don’t think about our socks but thanks to Lasso we now know how impactful the right compression and technology can have on our health. They are used by leading athletes for athletic performance and recommended by top physicians when treating foot and ankle conditions. They support the key ligaments and tendons that are the primary drivers behind fine movement in the foot and ankle.

Prices vary, Lassogear.com

Vivobarefoot is the closest step forward to grounding we have ever felt. The shoe gives your feet the freedom to move naturally over any terrain, while feeling it beneath your feet. The minimalist shoes give your feet unparalleled access to the sensory information they need to function as they should without unnecessary cushioning. Whether you are walking, hiking, or running, this shoe is the healthiest option we have found. They have many options to choose from; our favorite at the moment is the Primus Light Botanical Green.

Prices vary, Vivobarefoot.com

SixThreeZero will keep you pedaling into the new season with its offerings of traditional bikes and ebikes—which we absolutely love! What is really unique about this brand is that they utilize their bodyfit tool (the first ever priority tool for custom bike-fitting) that allow you to completely customize their bikes for the perfect fit, size, ride, look all from the comfort of home. Our pick is the Around The Block New 500W.

Prices vary, SixThreeZero.com

Axis Air Compression Boots aid in a speedy recovery. They offer a customizable massage that aid in your pre-workout by warming up muscles and increasing your range of motion and flexibility. They’re also great for post-workout as the compression reduces inflammation, improves circulation, accelerates healing, provides pain relief, and removes toxin buildup. The boots fit from waist to feet.

Prices vary, LifeProFitness.com


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