Fashion Meets Harmony in the Pretty Connected x Kesha Collaboration

Serial entrepreneur Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected does it again, this time with singer/songwriter and rockstar extraordinaire Kesha as her partner. Eurdolian’s accessories brand went viral during the pandemic when she marketed her stylish multi-use chains as mask chains, launching a trend that quickly took off and was replicated by fast fashion and designer brands alike.

Her chains, which were originally launched as a stylish alternative to unattractive camera straps, an easy way to carry around a water bottle, and a new look for a purse, have found new life not only as a way to easily wear your mask, but also as necklaces, belts…you name it. It’s been the one accessory I haven’t taken off throughout the pandemic, and I’m still rocking my chains even after the mask mandates have lifted (plus, it’s my most complimented wardrobe staple.)

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A chance encounter in 2020 led Kesha to discover the brand, and subsequently partner with Eurdolian to release limited-edition “Yin Yang” charm chains, along with the brand’s first rose gold chain. “It was a symbol that kept finding me during the past year,” Kesha explains. “I wanted to put it on the chain because I feel like it’s a symbol of harmony. And I wanted to remind myself, in the light, there’s dark; in the dark, there is light and it’s a cynical thing, it’s the balance of life.”

Eurdolian continues, saying that “the yin yang symbol is about balance over perfect. We’re growing out of striving for perfection and moving towards this balance and quality of life…wearing the necklace as a reminder feels like such a positive and joyful reminder.”

The collaboration features a yin yang multi-use braided necklace, a yin yang geometric necklace, mask chain and glasses lanyard strap, yin yang charms (which you can attach to necklaces or chains you already own), a yin yang braided chain and iPhone cell lanyard case, and a yin yang strap with ID/vaxx case and chain.

While the new collaboration is certainly fashion forward and beautiful, it also carries an important message, serving as a reminder for those who rock it. As Kesha says, it’s all about “getting into alignment and harmony as we all emerge and move forward, better.”


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