Fill Up the Sleigh with the Power of Clay!

‘Tis the season for the healing power of clay! Zion Health is an all-natural health and wellness company specializing in the pure, raw strength of Kanwa Clay Minerals. These products provide a ton of restorative benefits, making them the perfect stocking stuffers for your friends and family this holiday season.

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Zion Health began its journey when founder, Haim Zion was diagnosed with a nasty case of gum disease. As an avid believer in treating ailments holistically, Zion decided to follow a tip he received from a business acquaintance where he would apply Kanwa Clay Minerals to his gums each night before bed. After a couple of weeks his gums began healing, and the oral surgery that doctors initially anticipated was no longer necessary! With this newfound remedy in hand, Zion quickly constructed a small team of chemists, and created what would be the first in a successful line of natural health merchandise; ClayBrite Toothpaste.

The company continues to showcase the healing powers of Kanwa Clay today through its wide range of skincare and body products. Here are some of their top picks that are sure to spruce up your holiday season: 

ClayDry Deodorant is the vegan, aluminum free choice for underarms everywhere. Using a combination of clay minerals and fragrant essential oils to help absorb odor, your pits will thank you for keeping them fresh all day. Looking to improve your oral care routine? ClayBrite Toothpaste will not only help polish your pearly whites, but contains a number of antibacterial properties that actually detoxify and heal the mouth as well. For luscious locks all year round, make the Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Scrub your new partner in crime. The scrub comes in three different scents (green apple, pear blossom, vanilla coconut) and alleviates dry, itchy scalp by promoting circulation and boosting overall moisture.

Visit to shop the entire product line, and spread the joy of clay with your loved ones today!


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