Finding Purpose With Your WHOLE HeART: Meet Lifestyle Coach, Monica C. Guidry

Monica C. Guidry is an author, lifestyle coach, and host of the podcast WHOLE HeART, which focuses on inner healing and offers advice to women on how to uncover and recover their true identity and life purpose, that may have been hidden under titles of wife, mother, or grandmother. Monica also guides women on how to rediscover and rekindle the zest for lost dreams and make them happen.

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Monica’s mission is not only to free women spiritually, but also to unleash the power that is within each of them, to set a course for new experiences and new roles that women may have never seen themselves in. To challenge them in ways that bring out the adventurous side and set them on the path to wholeness, and joy.

Monica says, “I find that when people are stuck in certain areas of their lives, there is usually something impeding their pathway, usually an obstruction or something that is broken. As a lifestyle strategist, I help those women remove the broken pieces, and work toward wholeness. In doing the work, they get “unstuck” and start living the lives they were always meant to enjoy.”

Besides the podcast, Monica has hosted the bi-weekly show POSITIONED on The Christian Broadcasting (TBN),  led her own radio talk show, IN THE HEART OF IT ALL,  both featured interviews with local luminaries, guest vocalists, worshipers, and other community leaders. On social media, Monica also has gained a following and regularly features original daily affirmations, which she calls MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS geared to uplift and inspire women throughout the day.

About Monica

Monica has been married to husband Terrell for nearly 20 years and having originally been told by doctors she could never conceive, they are the proud parents of 4 children, son, Terrell Jr., Warren, daughter Naomi, and baby Asher. The idea of helping women overcome life’s hardships and hurdles, was born of Monica’s own battles and victories. It is the triumph over her own struggles that fills her heart to overflow as she aids women in discovering that there is purpose in their pain!

She is also the author of two books: True Worshiper and her latest release, a journal titled, I AM.

BELLA got to know a bit more about Monica and Whole HeART…

How do you encourage and offer support for mothers, in spite of the rising concerns of children attending distant learning for another school year?

This past year has been an ongoing learning experience for us all, as mothers. And because I am a mother of 2 school age kids and one toddler, I know first-hand the concerns of distant learning. The way I help support other mothers is first, relating to them from a place of personal understanding. I offer a safe space to be real and vulnerable. And the second thing I do is connect them with resources based on the individual need. I also help them place their concerns/ fears, the true root, and we do the inner heart work to drive through them.

Tell our readers about your “5-Day Pursuing Purpose Challenge.”

The 5-day pursuing passion challenge is starting the 2nd week of April and is FREE. This challenge is forthe person who is STRUGGLING to find purpose and meaning in life. The busy professional looking to reignite passion and drive for their career. Pretty much ANYONE wanting to discover their passion and pursue a deeper sense of JOY.

Day 1 – Untruths and Strategies for Discovering Your Passion

Day 2 – Taking Action

Day 3 – Uncovering Cycles and Habits

Day 4 – Discovering and Assessing Areas of Passion

Day 5 – Making Room for Your Passion

As a lifestyle strategist, how do you help women get unstuck and reclaim their identity?

As a lifestyle strategist, my job is to help women find what’s impeding forward movement, through journaling, inner healing an other methods, once we discover what’s in the way I put together an individualized plan to help remove what’s blocking them so that they can begin to live the life they were always meant to live. A life full of passion purpose and joy (more money, career success, happier marriages, being a better parent.)

Tell us about your podcast WHOLE HeART – how it began and the success it has had since its launch?

I started WHOLE HeART with Monica C. Guidry in June 2020 as an extension of my Strategy business. Right away it took off! Some say I got lucky, but I know its destiny being fulfilled. I’ve ranked 46 on iTunes and 13 in Bermuda. I’m being listened to in over 13 countries such as but not limited to; New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and the Philippines. And I can be found on all major podcast platforms.

Lastly, where can people follow along, get in touch, and listen to your podcast?

People can follow along on my website,, on Instagram, and people can listen to my podcast on any major podcast platform: iTunes, Spotify, Tunein, iHeart radio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play, and many more.


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