Finding Yourself in a Book

From the first gay superhero to to bloom everywhere. “I hope this book can help a teenage coming of age love story, queer characters made strides in film and television in 2021. Before these stories were told on-screen, many were read about in novels. This year, authors inspired by their personal journeys exploring sexuality, identity, and love for the first time, will release books centered around LGBTQIA characters.

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Whether written in the genres of fiction or non-fiction, these books give trans, gay, lesbian, non-binary, and questioning individuals the power to imagine themselves as main characters in stories. Here are some of those books to know about in 2022.

“A Million Quiet Revolutions” by Robin Gow is a modern love story, told in verse, about two teenage trans boys who name themselves after two Revolutionary War soldiers. As the two main characters, Aaron and Oliver, continue to strengthen their relationship, Aaron moves away. While trying to feel connected they seek solace in digging deep into the annals of America’s past, leading them to discover the story of two Revolutionary War soldiers who they believe to have been trans men in love. They’re inspired to pay tribute to these soldiers by adopting their names. In the process, they delve further into unwritten queer stories, and come to discover the transformative power of reclaiming one’s place in history.

Inspired by their small-town upbringing in rural Pennsylvania, Gow struggled to find the language to understand themselves and how they wanted to love and be loved. They hope this book reminds trans people they exist and can find ways to bloom everywhere. “I hope this book can help us thin about the possibilities and vastness of what it means to delve into history to find the trans and queer stories that have been buried,” Gow explains. “A Million Quiet Revolutions” will be available starting March 2022.

Another title exploring an unexpected love story between a fanfiction author, Kaylee, and pageant queen, Teagan, is “The One True Me and You.” In this geeky queer romance book by Remi K. England, Kaylee and Teagan face the possibility of losing everything they’ve worked for because of the sparks that fly from the moment they first meet. With a common enemy that could reveal their secret, both characters must decide if the reward of embracing their true selves is worth the risk.

For England, writing “The One True Me and You” provided them with healing, reflecting on “what might have been had I had the words for nonbinary identity sooner.” Inspired by a trip they took back in 2015 to a small fandom convention, England took this opportunity to pour their feelings of fandom friendships, finding yourself, and queer coming of age into one book. As readers follow the story of Kaylee and Teagan, England hopes they will be reminded that, “whoever you are, whatever your identity, there’s a place in the world where you can find yourself, find your people, and be loved, validated, and lifted up.” “The One True Me and You” will be available starting March 2022.

Books can transport us to a different world with each page we turn, while also creating new conversations
in our real life. These two stories, written in different styles and perspectives, showcase the importance of having LGBTQIA individuals represented in books and media.


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