Fit With Kids: How to Work Out During and After the Baby Bump

By Sari Beth Rosenberg

Thinking about the best ways to stay in shape during and after pregnancy? We tapped some of New York City’s top fitness experts (and moms!) for advice: 

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Erica Barth and Laurel Katz-Bohen, owners of Harlem Yoga Studio:

• Find a Community: Prenatal and postpartum yoga like our “Mommy and Me” class allows you to connect with other new mothers.

• Don’t Overstretch: Pregnancy hormones make you extra flexible but don’t stretch beyond your usual capacity.

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Full Body Workouts

From Laura Kovall, owner of Mamafit by Laura and Fit4Mom’s Manhattan franchise including the Stroller Strides class:

If It Doesn’t Feel Right, It Probably Isn’t: You should be able to do most of the same exercises if you get a doctor’s clearance but always listen to your body.

Don’t Compare: Everyone experiences pregnancy differently so just focus on you.



From Rachel Nicks, private instructor and teacher at Exhale Spa and Unity Yoga:

You Can Still Do Core: If you back off 50 percent, never twist, and lie on your left side for better circulation and think “pull baby back” by pulling the abdominal muscles in and down.

Parallel Position is Your Friend: It’s the most supportive for the uterus and prevents back pain.

• Take Your Time: Give yourself at least 6 weeks to heal and start back slowly.

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Dance Cardio

From Mahri Relin, owner of Body Conceptions Studio:

• Stay Safe: Joints are extra loose during pregnancy and your center of gravity

shifts making you injury prone. Stick with your usual fitness routine.

Slow Down But Don’t Stop: Rest when you need to but the stamina and   

strength you develop helps you through labor and the recovery.

• Kegel, Kegel, Kegel: If there’s one exercise you should do EVERY day, that’s it.

Whether you’re a new mommy or a mommy-to-be, seek out these instructors’ classes all around New York City and work that baby bump!

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