FIXX Complete Serum – Scientifically FIXX Your Skincare Routine

The FIXX complete serum technology incorporates the most advanced technologies available; biomimetic peptides, phyto and marine cells, and advanced delivery systems – all with proven clinical efficacy data. We carefully selected each of the ingredients and complexes for their unique contributions to work in harmony and to achieve possible synergistic effects to provide a comprehensive skin enhancement system for you.

I personally receive many products and FIXX has stood the test as it actually works ! My skin is visibly smoother after one use overnight and clearer and plumper after only two weeks of use. Moreover, the cream is ethically made and distributed with the consumer in mind giving way to an affordable price point with the same active ingredients found in it’s luxury competition.


The FIXX complete serum is a combination of technologies that work together to help your skin look its absolute best. A liquid crystal system, which is structurally similar to the skin provides ultimate hydration and moisturization as it helps the active ingredients to reach their destinations in the skin layers. Plant cells from orchids, peony, and Bulgarian rose, each through scientific technology promote cell-to-cell communication and renewal and our proprietary QIV Peptide Complex stimulates and regulates cellular activity to help to reduce wrinkles, improve the structure of the skin’s building blocks, and improve skin tone, clarity and glow.

The team at Fixx shares with us, what’s in the product !?


We believe in science and technology and we utilize these to their fullest when formulating our products. Many amazing molecules are found in nature that can effect changes in the skin and its processes and physiology. We utilize ingredients from all sources that are proven effective by clinical studies and develop complex formulas that are minimally disruptive and innovative. We are open to your ideas and comments because we believe that incremental innovation is possible when we listen to consumers’ needs and wishes and pair them with available and upcoming technologies.

What’s in it

Plant-based glycogen is the new power humectant; it keeps and binds moisture onto the skin. A scientist has discovered that an extract from the peony, rich in oligosaccharides, helps to remodel and contour the facial skin to regain structure, density, and elasticity, which is lost due to UV exposure over the years. Our QIV Peptide Complexis the workhorse for wrinkle reduction and reconstruction via rebuilding and repair of the dermal structure in the eye, forehead, and cheek areas as well as improving the appearance of both vertical and horizontal lines; marionette lines (Bye Bye RBF!), nasogenian fold, and upper lip lines. Cells and extracts from the fragrant and beautiful Rosa Damascena focus on “well aging” by working on the skin parameters; hydration complexion, and radiance. Cells from the orchid, Calanthe discolor, establish cell-to-cell communications to regulate cellular logistics and helps to firm, sculpt and help with droopy eyelids, laugh lines, and frown lines. Microalgae restores mitochondrial quality, fusion and activates mitophagy, which stimulates skin barrier dynamics and revives complexion radiance. The mysteriously beautiful Edelweiss, Leontopodium alpinum, was studied by scientists for its ability to thrive in extreme climates and with HTN technology, these molecules are made available without depleting natural resources. This flower’s ability to thrive translates into preventing oxidative stress (air pollution, UV radiation) and recreates tension by restoring the mitochonrial dysnasism (skin is full, plump, and lifted), particularly in the face and neck. This is especially helpful for sagging neck skin, upper cheek lifting, and crow’s feet smoothing


For optimal results, use consistently, twice daily to face and neck by applying one pump on to the index finger and massage vigorously with fingers onto the forehead, between brows, and out to the temples. Apply a 1/4 pump around outer corner of eyes and gently massage under eye and on eyelids and out to temples. Appy one pump to each cheek and one pump on check contour and neck area.

Massage product into skin and more vigorously on to problem areas. You will begin to see results in 10 -15 days and your skin will feel amazing!

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