For The Love of Wine—With International Wine Expert, Alice Feiring

Alice Feiring– author and international organic wine expert (location – Consulate General of Georgia in New York)

Alice Feiring’s book party was a delightful and intimate, celebration hosted by the Consulate General of Georgia in New York City.  Alice opened the evening with an intellectually stimulating talk about her love of organic wine…in this case Georgian wine. The diverse crowd consisting of both close friends and experts in the wine industry, gathered around to listen to the author’s personal account of the Georgian countryside (located at the intersection of Europe and Asia and was a part of the former Soviet republic); which served as the inspiration for her latest book, For The Love Of Wine. Alice introduced her guests to the intriguing characters, magical Georgian culture and home for this exceptional organic wine, when she read highlighted portions from her book. The technicolored personal slide show of her Georgian travels, was the perfect visual backdrop for her latest, exciting literary achievement.

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    Alice Feiring is an award winning journalist, internationally known author and organic wine expert who is an advocate for natural wine. For the Love of Wine is her third book (. She also wrote The Battle for Wine and Love: Or How I Saved the World From Parkerization in 2008 and her second book Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally in 2011. Her news Letter The Feiring Line is currently the only paid-subscription-based newsletter that focuses solely on natural, organic and biodynamic wines. Alice graciously agreed to answer questions and share some of her insights about one of her favorite topics: Organic Wine with Bella Magazine.

Alice’s latest book available now on Amazon

Alice, what motivated you to write your latest book, For The Love of Wine?

I’ve spent the past fifteen years championing naturally made wine and when I saw how deeply embedded making wine this way –organic and with no additives–was into their culture, I was very moved. But as an emerging wine region there were quite a few consultants trying to convince those newly commercialized winemakers to use additives and processes in their wines to become internationally viable. Of course this is not at all true, but the pressure was on. They were being told their wine was unstable or old fashioned and they needed to get modern. At that point I swore, if there was one battle left to me to fight, it would be to help them get enough of an audience for their wine so they could be confident in their product and not bow to the pressure.  

You are an international expert about organic wine, but what should the everyday wine drinker know about Organic vs. non-organic wines?

That there are 200+ perfectly legal additives allowed in wine and are often used, even if the wine was grown organically. There are processes used to reduce alcohol and increase concentration. Not my thing. I like my wine made from organic vicitulture (grape farming) and then bursting with life and flavor because they are made just with grapes–like the Georgians I wrote about. How to find these natural wines? Find a wine shop that can guide you to them. I also have a newsletter The Feiring Line . It’s pretty geeky, but inside are twenty recommendations an issue of the best wines in this category. 

Is there any one in particular you would recommend?

From the United States, look for Bloomer Creek in the Finger Lakes, La Garagista from Vermont, Dirty and Rowdy, Lo-Fi, La Clarine Farms from California. From France? Domaine Saladins, Eric Texier and La Gramière from the Rhone, Brett Brothers and Sylvain Pataille from Burgundy. As you can see, I can’t just recommend one!

What are you hoping the take away from your latest book will be?

The Georgian book is beyond wine. It speaks to the importance of traditions, following passion, and building important friendships. Ultimately I hope it gets the reader excited about visiting that beautiful country and to experience their wines. 

How can people learn more about you and your work?

 There are two other books to read. And a trip to has plenty of information. 

Alice Feiring’s books are also translated and published in French, Spanish, Italian and Georgian.

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