Founder & CEO of KeySmart, Michael Tunney, Shares His Inspiration For Creating This Compact Key Holder

Michael Tunney was a robotics engineer in Chicago making a great salary. Although he was making great money, he decided he was missing something. He was constantly spending too much money on too many things & realized he needed a change. He ended up quitting his job, selling all of his belongings and took a leap to travel the world. He then came up with the idea of KeySmart, an ingenious compact key holder. To this day, he now has the ability to work from home & live out of his suitcase, making a great salary & loving what he does.

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KeySmart came about when Michael realized that he really hated the idea of carrying around keys in his pocket. We all know that really the only invention we have is the keyring. That being said, it was designed 200+ years ago and Michael knew he wanted to change that. KeySmart was then created to eliminate the bulk and noise of everyones keys; a simple way to keep all your keys in one compact place.

With KeySmart, you are able to hold up to 8 keys plus, a car key fob. You can also add on other options such as a bottle opener, USB drive & so much more! KeySmart also just released their newest product, the CleanKey, which is a great essential item to have during quarantine. Add this safe and sanitary accessory onto your KeySmart and you will always have it with you. With the CleanKey, you can easily open any door without contact, and even use it on touch screens, eliminating contact with unsanitary surfaces.


KeySmart is a convenient gadget that helps simplify your daily routine. Great for tidying up your life, the KeySmart is a neat and noiseless must-have, and also makes for a great gift idea! To stay up to date on new products and to order yours today, visit KeySmart!



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