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Founder of Tanya Nicole Beauty, Tanya Davis, Talks Entrepreneurship + The Beauty Industry

Tanya Davis, Founder of Tanya Nicole Beauty, is a Licensed Esthetician and Board-Certified Micropigmentation Specialist. Davis started her career as a professional makeup artist for major networks such as CBS, OWN, BET, and the Food Network. Her love of beauty and making people feel their best led her into the skincare and permanent cosmetics industry.

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What made you change your career path from make-up artist to Esthetician?

I started out as a make-up artist and discovered that some of my clients had issues with their skin and it was important to me to help them discover how to correct the problems and not just cover it up.   It’s very important to me to me that my clients’ look their best in a healthy way and feel better about themselves.

Why did you focus on micropigmentation? 

Micropigmentation is amazing.  It enhances the eyebrows, eyelids, and scalp.  It improves scars and even out skin discoloration and promotes new growth.

As a woman of color, what challenges have you faced in the industry? 

Fortunately, I have not faced any challenges in the industry as a woman of color.  My clientele is a multitude women and men of different races and backgrounds.

What are you most passionate about?  

I’m passionate about seeing the amazing outcome from my clients when I review the before and after results.   Seeing my clients happy always drive me to give them the best.

What is one piece of advice you could give everyone that has helped you while you were building your business? 

I am appreciative to everyone who helped assist me in every step of my growth.  My advice to everyone that helped me would be to always continue to help your fellow peer that’s how we will continue to build a stronger community.

For more information, follow along on Instagram @tanyanicolebeauty or visit her website


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