From “Basque” Chef Mikel Trevino De Luis to Basking in the Adriatic Sea

As a “Girl on the Go”, we love to travel, eat and discover new things. That thing for this Boston “Bella” is chefs, and in the past… new loves. And although I already have a “Summer Love”: I am in love with the culinary genius and award winning…Chef Mikel Trevino De Luis. He challenges your palette in every bite you take. And this past weekend,  I was taking a lot of bites! Mikel invited a handful of close friends, family and socialites to taste Adriatic Cuisine at Tarallucci E Vino: and with each offering …Portugal, Spain and Croatia were channeled to my taste buds.

Standing in this room, was like standing in foodie heaven. I felt like I needed to pinch myself…the food was so unreal. But with everyone racing for the last Montealva Cheese and Iberico Ham Croquettes with Garlic Aioli: there was no time to pinch myself. So I did the biggest arm stretch and grabbed it. Yes, I was that girl. And it was good, real good. Good enough that when they brought out a new platter with many more of these most wanted croquettes: I made sure to gravitate and hold guard. But In my attempts to score the most croquettes … I missed the slow cooked Octopus with Mojo Picon, Peruvian Potatoes  with Pimenton de la Vera Oil.  But no worries, this was an Adriatic tasting…and there were plenty of fish in the sea to devour, thanks to Mikel.

Being half Portuguese, I especially enjoyed the native  Blood Sausage served with a variety of cheeses. But what really stood out, was this Fig and Chocolate Cake. It was a perfect pairing with the Portuguese red wine of Esparao. It was such a seductive bite,  I kept going back for more. I even encouraged some socialites to do the same. While I was promoting the Chocolate and Fig Cake…Mikel took a moment to introduce his latest venture… a Culinary Odyssey called Haizea.

Haizea translates into “wind” in the Basque language. But there was no need for translation: Mikel had everyone hooked when he said the three magical words…sailboat, food, and wine. This dinner party was an open invitation to join him on a Culinary Odyssey across the Adriatic Sea…and with a personality like Mikel’s, how can you not go?  A seven-day cruise on a luxury sailboat lets you indulge on “Basque” cuisine and bask in the sun: as you travel the Croatian waters.  What more could a “Girl on the Go” want?

Perhaps, some more aMona Mojo Picon? It is a spicy canary island sauce:  and is Chef Mikel’s newest creation to hit shelves at Whole Foods in a couple weeks, if not sooner. It’s great on seafood or on salad at home.  But I must confess, I kept trying to eat it with these little spoons at the party. I am so glad I will be able to eat it with a big spoon in a couple of weeks! I think that is the best way to complement the chef. It was named after his late grandmother, who inspired him to cook.

I hope my fellow “Bella’s” will be inspired to take a culinary Odyssey with Chef Mikel Trevino De Luis this summer. For more information you can visit the website for Haizea. I hope to see you there!




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