From the inside out: Supplements, drinks, and powders are aiding in our Wellness Journey

By Jennifer Walsh

In the past year we have seen the skyrocketing rise in drinks and ingestibles that do everything from aid in sleep and digestion, to boosting collagen, and of course building immune health. From powders to pills to tinctures and gummies, which ingestible is best for you?

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According to The Benchmarking Company, 82% of people surveyed believe the best way to obtain their beauty and wellness objectives is to take an inside-out approach. At BELLA, we couldn’t agree more!

These are a few of our favorites that have not only caught our eye, but also have tempted our taste buds. While these are some of the most popular items in the market right now, we always suggest speaking with a doctor before you begin any supplement program.

Cure Hydration: Deterring daily dehydration While we are told to drink more water every day, many people are also working out and losing electrolytes (which are mostly sodium). Replacing these electrolytes is a key part of staying hydrated. Cure Hydration is made with organic coconut water and pink Himalayan salt to provide your body with the daily hydration it needs without the usual added sugar in many drinks. The powdered packet has four times the electrolytes than most leading sports drinks and comes in six delicious flavors.

14 individual packs start at $16.79,

Routine: Daily probiotic made specifically for womenTake these daily for improved gut health, lowered stress and anxiety, better vaginal health, strengthened immune system, and weight management. These probiotics are vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free. A month’s supply comes in a compostable mailer, and you are given a glass jar with your first order so you can continue to use again and again.

$29.95 and up,

Olly: Healthy gummies for the entire family Olly gummy vitamins offer an assortment of products for children and adults. These gummies not only taste delicious, they are also loaded with healthy, good-for-you ingredients that are backed by science. The correct form and dose is based on clinical studies to ensure each offering is of the best standards, and are without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

$13.99 and up,

Tohi: A very berry boosterTohi offers four drink options that serve as immune-boosting anti-oxidant wonders. The key ingredient throughout is aronia berry, which boasts four times the antioxidants of blueberries and two times that of acai berries! These non-carbonated drinks are low in calories and contain no added sugars.

12 pack: $28.99,

MUD\WTR: The new anti-coffee way to start your dayThis powder is loaded with a mushroom blend, as well as organic cacao, pink Himalayan salt, turmeric, and other healthy ingredients. With one-seventh the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, it delivers natural energy without the jitters and tastes very similar to a delicious turmeric latte. Some people add a little sugar or honey for a touch of sweetness.

Prices start $40.00,

Welleum: Eastern medicine for a Western world Welleum’s four all-natural herbal tinctures help with digestion and sleep, and offer a daily boost and an immune boost. The company is founded upon the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, which believe patients should be treated before they are sick in hopes of warding off illness with prevention.

Prices start at $29.95,

Hush & Hush: Better skin starts from the insideTheir newly launched SkinCapsule Collection is a hyper-concentrated nutraceutical capsule to Clear+, Brighten+, or Hydrate+ the skin. All three offerings are vegan, plant-based, and designed to be taken daily.

Prices start at $40,


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