Gabrielle Stone Talks About Heartbreak, Happiness And Her New Book: Eat, Pray #FML


Actress, writer and director, Gabrielle Stone, has just authored a new book Eat, Pray, #FML, a must-read for anyone who’s ever had their heart broken. Stone, daughter of legendary Scream Queen Dee Wallace, shares her experiences with agonizing heartbreak, her healing solo-trip to Europe and how she learned to love herself, in this equally inspiring and entertaining book. 

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Traveling through Europe, Stone discovers the beauty of its people, food, cultures and places, but more importantly, discovers herself. She opens up about this self-discovery process in her book and by sharing her story, Stone teaches us that we can get through the hardest of times and learn to love ourselves as a result. Whether you’re dealing with heartbreak, trying to find yourself or just searching for an inspiring story tinged with humor and wine-filled anecdotes, Eat, Pray, #FML should be your next summer read!

Your book Eat, Pray, #FML launches exclusively on Amazon on June 27th. Can you tell us a little about the book, and what inspired you to share such a personal story?   

Finally! The book is about the crazy upheaval that took place in my 2017. In June of 2017 I found out my husband had been having an affair with a nineteen-year-old for six months. I filed for divorce and left. 

Two weeks later I met a man, and we fell madly in love. It was a fairy-tale romance for a month and a half, and he convinced me to join him on a romantic month-long vacation in Italy. Forty-eight hours before we were supposed to get on a plane, he told me he needed to go by himself. I was devastated. So, I had a decision to make. Either stay home and be heartbroken, or go travel Europe for a month by myself. So, I decided to go, with a backpack, and travel around with no plans by myself for a month. So naturally, I wrote a book about it. 

You went through, not one, but two heartbreaks over the course of two months. Was it hard for you to reflect on such a traumatic time when writing this book or did you find it to be a cathartic experience?  

Writing about the experience is really what got me through it all. It not only was my own form of therapy, but it also taught me so much about myself. I learned things about myself that would have taken years of therapy to discover. Of course, the whole experience was incredibly painful while I was going through it, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I came back from that trip as a different woman, in the best way possible. 

You travelled throughout Europe for a month on your own. Can you tell us a little bit about this experience? Were you at all daunted by the idea of traveling alone?

I’ve traveled a lot throughout my life but never alone unless it was to head to a film set with a bunch of people. And you know, with like, actual luggage. This was so out of my comfort zone and I never in a million years would have booked a solo adventure with nothing planned. This trip happened to me, not by choice. However, it quite literally made me face all the big fears in my life—being okay by myself and learning how to love myself. I was absolutely terrified, but I could clearly see that it was all happening for a reason. And now, I prefer to travel alone. It’s lifechanging and an incredible adventure! 

What is your absolute favorite memory from your travels in Europe? 

It’s so hard to pick just one! The people I met on my trip were incredible. I’m still friends with many of them and they’re all excited to read the book. I have to say the food was out of this world, and I definitely didn’t watch my calorie consumption. Going to Moulin Rouge in Paris was a highlight for me (I grew up loving that film) and Barcelona was definitely my favorite location. But to be honest through all the amazing sites and wonderful times with newfound friends, my favorite memories are the ones I have writing my book and learning so much about myself. 

What is the one piece of advice you would give to women dealing with heartbreak right now and how they can move on? 

Go travel by yourself. Kidding…kind of. Obviously, I would definitely recommend that because you will be forced out of your normal comfort zone and learn so much about who you are and what you want to attract in future relationships. If you can manage to get away, my suggestion is simple. Focus on yourself and learn how to love yourself. I had such trouble grasping how exactly to do that. That was one of the biggest gifts I learned, and I include all of that in Eat, Pray, #FML. It isn’t until you truly and fully love yourself that you can attract someone that you want/need/deserve into your life. And always remember, everything happens for a reason. 

Learning to love yourself means finding time to do what makes you happy. What are some things or hobbies that make you feel the happiest? 

In the book I call it The Self Love Cocktail. Mine consists of going to the gym and eating healthy to take care of myself physically. When I look good it makes me feel good. Meditating (I love the fifteen-minute Abraham Hicks guided meditations on YouTube). Dancing—I grew up a dancer, so I love to go out and dance. When I came back from Europe, I took salsa lessons and it’s one of my favorite things to do now. And creating—whether it’s writing a book, directing a film, or acting. When I’m creating, I’m happy. 

Finally, at BELLA we believe beauty is defined by the individual. What is your definition of beauty, and how do you find it in everyday life?   

Love that. My definition of beauty is fully and completely loving yourself. There is a confidence that radiates when you feel in your power that shines from within. Being able to then share that with others and spread it with joy and love is true beauty to me. So, I try to focus on not only loving myself every day, but those around me as well. Our world could use a little more love. 

By: Natalie Cornacchio


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