“Game of Crowns” Star and Fitness Beauty Queen Shares Her “Bootylicious” Secrets

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With titles that include Miss Bikini Fitness America New York, Miss Bikini New England, Miss Model Fitness America New York, Miss Bikini Fitness Atlantic WBFF Pro, and Miss Summer Nationals, it’s no wonder why Lori-Ann Marchese was cast on Bravo’s “Game of Crowns,” a reality show that chronicles the post-married beauty pageant queens in their journey from “Miss” to “Mrs.” It’s also a great reason why we’re looking to her for some kick-our-butts advice!

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“Depending on your body type or your genes, the right cardio, exercise, and proper healthy eating will get your butt into marvelous shape,” promises the 29-year-old star who is also the owner of Body Construct LLC, a Connecticut-based fitness facility where she trains women. ,

“Butt” wait – there’s more …

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Butts Are Made in the Kitchen

“Many of us say our butts have too much ‘junk in the trunk.’ Well, it is so important that you eliminate the junk,” says Marches. Proper healthy eating is a major part to help attain a toner looking body and butt, she reminds.

:Cookies, soda, fast food, candy, fried foods in your daily intake should be eliminated if you want to have that firmer looking body. And keep your cheat meals to one time per week.”

Of course, it’s also important to have healthy nutritious foods like protein, complex carbs, fruits and variety of vegetables, she encourages. “Healthy eating, cardio, and toning exercises can help give you that apple bottom you are looking for.”

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Work It

Along with healthy eating and regular exercise, Marchese’s “Bootylicous Workout” consists of several butt-toning exercises you can perform at the gym or in your own home.

100 squats (8lbs dumbbells)

100 Walking Lunges (8-10lb dumbbells)

100 dead lifts (use a 12lb bar w/ 5 pound plates on each side more more.)

(Repeat 2-3 times week.)

Tip: “It’s so important to fuel your body with protein and branch amino acids within 30 minutes after you work out with a Post Workout Shake for muscle recovery and repair. This will help with muscle growth to get that lean body you’ve always wanted! The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn.”

In addition to her filming schedule, Marchese is also busy with the launch of her own line of Body Construct Nutrition Supplements. She was also recently given the title of “World’s Top Trainer” by Huffington Post and Easy Branches. “My passion is training women, and helping change their lives through my knowledge of fitness.”

For more information on Marchese’s gym and nutritional supplement online store, visit BodyConstructFit.com.

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