Get a Boost of Health with Yuve's Matcha Green Tea


We fell in love with Yuve products back in September ’15 when we discovered their superfood vegan shakes at the Healthy Brands Showcase. Now, we are equally as excited to try out their newly launched Matcha green tea. For those of you unfamiliar, matcha is one of the highest quality teas available in Japan, all of which is handpicked, dried and ground into a powder.

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Matcha retains all of the nutrients and benefit from its leaves and boasts almost twice as much caffeine content as a green tea. However, unlike coffee, Matcha will not leave behind the associated side effects of caffeine like headaches or jitters, thanks to amino acids and L-Theanine, which slows down the release of the caffeine and produces a relaxing, calming effect. Additionally, thanks to Matcha’s rich levels of chlorophyll, the tea serves as a wonderful detoxing agent, helping to improve digestion and assist with weight loss.

The list of wonderful ingredients goes on and on, and Yuve’s product is a great way to boost your health. Plus, it tastes great! If you want to jump on the Yuve bandwagon, you can score your Matcha here, and reap the benefits of this vegan superfood.




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