Get Closer To Celebrities With These Awesome Jobs

If you love the celebrity lifestyle and hanging out with the rich and famous, then having a job that delivers would be a dream come true. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that mean you need to work closely with celebrities. We look at some of the most accessible:

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All celebrities need a good Personal Assistant to make calls on their behalf. One of the most important parts of this job is to juggle the diary. Scheduling is very important, so having a knack for fitting lots of appointments into a short day is key. To get the job as a PA, you need to have a very thick skin. It’s usually the PA that bears the brunt of temper tantrums. They can come from those who want to get close to the celebrity, and from the celebrity themselves. As well as being organized, you may need to provide more personal services. Things such as shopping and coffee making are common.


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A job in security means your celebrity’s life is in your hands. You need to keep all the fans and stalkers away from your boss. And you also need to be trained to handle more physical situations should they arise. Again, personality is important to make sure you are popular with your celebrity. With the right training and the right attitude, you could become a personal security guard for someone rich and famous.

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Makeup Artist

You could train to become a makeup artist for TV or Film productions. You would be responsible for beautifying dozens of celebrities on each production. Of course, some makeup artists aren’t interested in the beauty side of things. You can take a course where you would be learning specialfx makeup. This will offer you a great number of techniques. You can create makeup effects for horror shows, injuries, and even the odd zombie movie! Having a talent for makeup puts you in high demand for those desperate to keep looking good.


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If you run a good salon with extra privacy, chances are that celebrities will be interested. Cosmetic treatments are still very popular. And if you can be discreet, you may soon be enjoying a celebrity clientele. Pick the right services and treatments to meet the needs of the clients you want to attract. Make sure you are fully qualified and have the best equipment. You may need to fill in a few non-disclosure forms. But it will all be worth it when the celebs start pouring in.


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Personal Driver

If you don’t mind sitting in traffic and having your back to your celebrity client, driving can be a great job. It means you are responsible for getting your celebrity client to their appointments on time. Many drivers work for an agency that supplies limousines and chauffeurs for the rich and famous. But some celebrities like to have a driver of their own so they can change their schedule at a moment’s notice.


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Any job working with a celebrity will certainly offer some stories to tell the Grandkids one day. If you’re keen to find employment that will put you in close contact with a celebrity, then one of these could be ideal. Good luck.

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