Get In The Festive Spirit With Our Christmas Party Survival Guide

Christmas is just around the corner. And that means you have probably already got plenty of invitations to a variety of parties and engagements. You may even be completely inundated with invites! With all these exciting parties come so many different questions. For example, what should you wear and how will you keep going at work the next day? Hopefully, our Christmas party guide will give you plenty of ways to make it through this season’s festivities!



Keep Your Look Simple

When we think of Christmas fashion, it is always sparkly and glitzy. However, the clothes themselves aren’t overly complicated. Many ladies prefer to stick to a plain black dress that has got a few festive embellishments or is sophisticatedly covered in glitter. Christmas dresses for women need to be festive yet understated. It can be quite hard to pull off. But the easiest way to get your look right is to stick to the style I’ve previously mentioned: simple black dress with a little added glitz. It could also be useful trying to find an outfit that you can wear to both the office and Christmas parties. That’s because parties aren’t just reserved for the weekends during the festive season. There are so many that you will find you get to invited to quite a few mid-week events. They are on during the week just so they can be fitted in!

Go Easy On The Booze

Sure, Christmas is the perfect time to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should overdo it with all the alcohol that is on offer. If you are invited to a particularly fancy party or an office party, you may find that there is an open bar. Again, this isn’t an excuse to drink as much as you possibly can! You will only feel terrible the following day. And, as most Christmas parties are throughout the week, you may even have to face work with a horrid hangover! There is another reason for taking it easy with all the drink. And that is that staying relatively sober will prevent you from doing anything incredibly embarrassing. No one wants to be the girl who ends her office party by dancing on the tables, after all! So to prevent any tongues wagging about you in the office the next day, be careful not to get too merry on all the booze.



Get An Early Night

Your weeks in the run up to Christmas will be extremely full and busy. So it is incredibly important that you make sure you try and keep your energy levels topped up as much as possible. There is no better way to do this than making sure you try and get an early night as possible. Has someone asked if you want to go to a club after your office party? Maybe it is best to take a raincheck. Just think how terrible you will feel the next day after just a few hours’ sleep!



Think Of A Backup Plan

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to turn down some party invites. Possibly because of professional reasons, or it’s a relative’s party. If you feel obliged to go, then you should go. Even if you know that there won’t be anyone fun there! If you aren’t looking forward to spending your rubbing shoulders with these boring party goers, you need to think of a backup plan. That way, you will be able to make your excuses and leave after just an hour or two. For instance, if the party if being held at a restaurant or a club, you could let all your friends know where you will be. Then you can ‘accidently’ bump into them there, and spend most of the evening chatting with them instead. Alternatively, get a friend to call you an hour into the party. That way, you can pretend there is an emergency that you simply have to attend!



Water Is Your Best Friend

So what happens if you completely ignore my advice about keeping away from all the drink and it starts to feel like you are walking on a bouncy castle? In this case, you need to find some water quickly. Don’t want your coworkers or friends to know that you are on the soft stuff? Then you should ask the bartender for a glass of sparkling water with ice and lemon. That way, you can pass it off as a vodka tonic! Even if you don’t feel particularly drunk, you need to keep on drinking water in between drinks. It is one of the best ways to prevent a terrible hangover the following day. You’ll also find that it improves your sleep, helping you feel a lot more refreshed the next day.



Remember Your Skin

Your skin is going to find the Christmas period particularly tough going. Firstly, all of the excessive eating and alcohol is going to mean that there will be a lot more toxins in your body than usual. Secondly, you may not be getting as much sleep as usual. This can dry out your skin and will increase the chance of your eyes developing bags. So, as you can see, it’s a good idea to try and stick to your usual sleep routine no matter how many parties you have to go to. You may also find that you need to start moisturizing your skin more so that it can keep up with all your partying. If you only normally moisturize in the morning, it could be a good idea to start applying a thin coat just before you go to bed as well. Oh, and remember that it is very important to take all your makeup off before you get into bed!

The Christmas party season doesn’t have to tire you out. In fact, if you follow all of our tips, you will find that you can get through it without feeling too tired and lethargic. And you won’t be sick of Christmas before the big day rolls around!

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