Get in Touch with Your Most Authentic Self with Sound Bath and Crystal Energy Healer Sunshine Shen!

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Teacher, philosopher, and religious leader Gautama Buddha once said, “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” For spirituality guru Sunshine Shen, this statement holds true. Using the power of sound bath and crystal energy healing, Sunshine is able to teach her students the importance of living in the now, and reconnects them with their true and most authentic selves.

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In a world so heavily influenced by social media, many of us often forget that there is much more to life than the number of likes we receive on a selfie. We become so consumed by instant gratification, that we fail to recognize the actions that truly make our minds and bodies feel good. When supermodel Sunshine Shen set out to find a solution to this problem, she quickly discovered sound bath therapy. Sound bath therapy is a meditative practice which uses a number of specifically tuned instruments to place the body in an extremely relaxed state. By raising its natural vibrations, the body returns its normal frequency, which is super beneficial to one’s overall heath and well being. Not only does this practice release unwanted tension and negative energy from the body, but it also repairs irregular cells in order to prevent sickness and disease.

After experiencing the many positive benefits of a sound bath first hand, Sunshine was more than excited to share this new way of life with others. As a certified sound bath teacher and crystal energy healer, she has helped a number of clients get in touch with their true selves, and continues to teach them the importance of living in the present moment. Sunshine has worked with many celebrities along the way, and has even appeared on morning shows and podcasts to share her passion with viewers.

Eager to learn more about Sunshine and her work as a sound bath teacher, BELLA connected with the instructor herself…

Can you tell me a little more about sound bath healing?

During a traditional sound healing, we use instruments that are perfectly tuned to 432 HZ to help the participants bring their own bodies’ vibrations back to their most healthy frequency; which actually not only repairs irregular cells in the human body, but helps remove energetic blockages from their daily lives as well.

When did you first get into sound bath healing?

I was first introduced to sound bath healing by my good friend who I’ve known since my college days! We started going religiously every weekend about a year back.

What made you decide to become a sound bath teacher?

I simply attended my teacher Ana Netanel’s sound healing session at Moore’s Dancing in Brentwood every weekend until she approached me about possibly becoming one of her healers. I was honored to do so! I loved what the sound bath did for me in my life and how much better I feel after every session. I have always been interested in becoming a healer but was too shy to ask! I’m very grateful that Ana decided to take me under her wings! 

What are the benefits of a sound bath?

The benefits of a proper sound bath can affect all areas of life! From healing of irregular cells in the body that causes sickness & disease, to removing negative energy we potentially open our selves up to on a daily basis by the means of raising our body’s vibrations! You name it and we do it all! Our ultimate goal is to help everyone live their best lives.

How has the switch from professional model to spirituality guru changed your life?

I still do model I just refrain from defining myself by the numbers of publications I have done. Actually by getting more and more in touch with my spiritual side it actually allows me to manifest more success and abundance in my personal and professional life more than ever! 

Where can we find you to take one of your classes?

You can follow me on IG @Captainssunny to find out exactly when I’ll be doing my sessions. Almost every weekend I participate in my teacher’s healing session at Moore’s Dancing in Brentwood! You can follow her at @Ananetanel on IG, and find the link for our sound baths in her bio! 


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