Get The Inside Scoop on Hampton's Hottest Nightclub, AM Southampton, By The Two Who Know It Best

Looking for amazing nightlife, music, and more? AM Southampton will exceed all your expectations and it’s all thanks to their amazing owners, Zach and Richie.

Zach Erdem and Richie Hoesin take nightlife to a whole new level with their latest club in Southampton, NY. We had the pleasure of talking to them about how AM Southampton came to be and what it takes to run a success nightclub!

1. What drew you to the hospitality and music industry?

Richie – I have always had a passion since I was in elementary school to own a nightclub. My family is from a small island called Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up in a household and culture that thrived on entertaining guests, and showing amazing hospitality. I learned from a young age from my parents who both are so naturally gifted at being amazing hosts. Every weekend they would have amazing family parties and our house was the place everyone would want to be. I think it is just in my blood.

Zach – This is something that I’ve always wanted. Before I met Richie, I was in the restaurant and nightlife business in Las Vegas, LA and Miami.

2. What advice would you give to someone breaking into the hospitality/nightlife industry? What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Richie – No matter what industry you decide on, make sure you’re passionate about it in your bones. As for hospitality make sure you genuinely enjoy trying to make others happy. Best Advice: Work hard when you’re young, when you have your most energy, so when you get to an older age when you should be enjoying life, you can. I have worked extremely hard in my youth making many personal sacrifices of time, partying, family, friends to hopefully put myself in a great position to follow this advice.

Zach – The nightlife business is one of the hardest businesses to be in. You need to be strong, single and determined. The best advice I’ve ever received – Don’t drink while you work, the night is too long, and work hard, believe in yourself and stay away from negative people.

3. What do you attribute AM Southampton’s success to since its launch in Summer of 2016?

EJ Johnson, Zach Erdem, DJ Cedric Gervais, Richie Hosein

Richie – THE #1 ATTRIBITUTE TO SUCCESS OF ANY ORGANIZATION IS YOUR TEAM!! MY Management team and Staff is the Best in the world! We would not be anything without them.

Zach – It’s all about teamwork, Richie and I created a great concept – we have the best entertainment every weekend, we bring in world renowned DJs and performers. We bring the performance level from Miami and Las Vegas to the Hamptons!

4. What made you both want to open a nightlife venue? Why the Hamptons?

Richie – Hamptons is a sexy place and known worldwide as a Vacation destination and hotspot which is located in New York. If you can be successful here in which many of the NYC best clubs and owners have started you can build a worldwide brand if done correctly.

Zach – I love the nightlife business and Richie is a great guy to work with – he’s easy going and trustworthy. I’ve traveled to all these major cities to figure out where I should be and New York was my favorite. The Hamptons especially was relatable to me because I’ve always wanted to be by the water – I grew up by the water. The Hamptons is the ultimate paradise.

5. What other projects are either of you involved in?

Richie – I am heavily involved in Healthcare, I recently launched a Healthcare MSO called Baseline Health, this venture will revolutionize Healthcare and make it convenient and easy for employers and employees to raise awareness and the importance of getting your physicals and learning about your Baseline of personal health.

Zach – I have two restaurants in the Hamptons – Kozu, a Japanese restaurant serving fresh and delicious sushi, and 75 Main, an Italian American restaurant. I also have a small hotel, Hotel Ze, it’s luxurious, comfortable and in a great location. In addition to AM Southampton I also have another nightlife venue Summer House.

5. How did your partnership come about?

Richie – When I was in the Hamptons in previous years I had the opportunity to watch and observe the way Zach does business and handles his restaurants. I admire the way he is hands on and take personal responsibility to making sure his clients have a great experience at his venues. In addition, Zach lives in the Hamptons and is here all the time. I decided to reach out and explore this new venture with him and we quickly both saw how we can complement one another. It was a great decision and we have an amazing friendship and business partnership.

Zach – Richie and I met when he was involved in another nightclub. I was in Paris and received a text from Richie asking to join his team – I answered back saying I will join him if it was just us two – he agreed and it’s been great ever since. More partners, more headache.

6. What have both of you learned about the nightlife industry from opening the AM Southampton?

Richie – The Hamptons is a unique market place. It’s always changing and adapting which keeps it fun and exciting. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Zach – I have been in the nightlife business for a long time – AM allowed me to meet new people and make new friends.

7. What makes AM Southampton different from the competition?

Richie – I would not use the word different but more unique. We are quickly adapting and changing to our client’s needs and aspirations. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and not making them adapt to us. We truly LOVE giving our clients an amazing experience and product every night we are open. In addition, we are not afraid to admit when we are wrong and learn how to improve by constantly speaking to our clientele to learn. I love how our TEAM works extremely hard to make sure our venue leaves an impact on your life and memories when entering and exiting our doors.

Zach – AM is a product of Richie and I, we make sure that everyone is having a good time. It’s our place – we want people to have a great time, to keep coming back each and every weekend. We bring top notch entertainment – from our performers, DJs, etc – each weekend is something different making AM Southampton a must-visit.

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