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Dressing for your mood is definitely the way to go this year. Each of the hot new looks are definitely all about attitude. If you are looking to say ‘Hey! Look at me’, then there is certainly the fashion to shout loud enough for the whole city to hear you. But one area of fashion that is so often neglected is the wrist watch. We all own one, and some of us own two, but we really should have a watch for every mood and every look we want to style for. Here’s how:

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Jeweled – A good wrist watch can double up as a very chic bracelet for a night out at the theater or opera. Combine it with six inch heels, a gorgeous cocktail dress and diamonds around your neck. A jeweled watch will provide all the style and chic you need to complete any gorgeous outfit. Wear it approximately two to three inches higher than your wrist bone, and never loose. The strap can be jewel encrusted, or solid gold to really make a luxury statement.

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Double wrap – The double wrapped strap in leather is key to accessorizing many of this year’s hot looks. Wear it with plenty of bangles for that country chic look, or wear it to the office with your favorite V-neck blouse. Whatever you wear it with, double wrap strapped watches for women are key to creating that look that grabs people’s attention. It’s different, and it’s so feminine. Wear the second loop either side, although our favorite is closest to the elbow rather than the wrist. These look great when you are going for the ‘It’ girl look as well. Check out some with a white face for that truly stand out look.


Fitness watch – Many of us are wearing these little plastic or rubber strapped fitness gizmos on our wrists. Choose to wear it on the other wrist to your watch, or double up, with the fitness watch further up the arm. Use a long sleeve to hide it, or wear it with pride to say you are on a mission to get slim and gorgeous. There’s nothing to say these can’t be worn on their own, especially as many of them have a way to tell the time built in. But having a stylish wrist watch to accessorize that gorgeous outfit is key to making the right statement.


Gold – While platinum and white gold may have ruled the roost for the last few years, yellow gold has certainly made the comeback for 2015. It’s unique color separates it clearly from a cheap imitation, and the sensation of solid gold around your wrist cannot be simulated. It feels luxurious and as stylish as it looks. Wear it with black and wear it with white. In fact, there are few colors that aren’t right for wearing gold. Add some long drop gold earrings to really set off the watch, and you’ll be the center of attention all night. For that chic and sophisticated look, better make it gold this season.


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