Get to Know: Britt Rentschler As She Makes Her Film Debut in New Movie Instant Family


We got to know actress and producer Britt Rentschler who we have seen on popular TV shows, The Detour and Fox’s, The Resident; as she talks her latest movie, Instant Family, how Mark Wahlberg gave her life lessons in how to be a true movie star and the funniest actors she has worked with that have made her day.

Britt Rentschler stars as Linda in Instant Family, alongside Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne who are a married couple that take in foster children. The movie is out in theatres across the country November 16.

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You have a new film out on November 16. Congratulations! What was it like to work on Instant Family?

Instant Family was a dream from the start. I really do feel that good vibes start at the top, and the directing/writing team, Sean Anders and John Morris, and all the producers, made the set so warm and the intuition they had in choosing a cast that would bond…wow! We were all close, very fast. We were shooting in Atlanta, and it became like being away at camp together. We had family dinners and goofed around! 

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You star alongside Mark Wahlberg, what was it like to film with him?

It was a lesson in how to be a movie star, no joke. Mark had a smile for everyone, and never seemed rushed or overwhelmed, even with all the hats he was wearing. He always stopped and took pictures with the background actors on set, and he’s a really funny, really genuine guy. It’s impressive how much energy he has!

Can you give us a little bit of information about what we can expect to see from your character, Linda?

I love Linda. In a big family, especially with three sisters, you’ve gotta have the one that is just no bull. That’s Linda. She’s really comfortable in her own skin, and not afraid to jump into those family squabbles and straighten people out! What an incredible experience to play part of a family with a great group of women such as Rose Byrne, Allyn Rachel, Julie Hagerty, and Margo Martindale. Boss Ladies.

Throughout your career who have been some other fun people you have worked alongside?

Fun is such a great word, because when work is good, it is always fun. Actors that have made my days? Michelle Dockery, Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen Moyer and Jason Jones. Tom Segura kept me in stitches on this shoot. All of the cast on SIX would crack me up on the daily, the amount of pranks on that set were unbelievable. 

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We have recently seen you on Fox’s, The Resident! What was the second series like to work on?

The Resident is such an amazing show because of how much research goes into making it. Follow Amy Holden Jones on Twitter and you will see how she guides their choices into revealing important commentary on what is happening in the medical field and in the world of insurance and politics. I’m proud to be a part of a show that has such a conscience. 

Outside of acting you are involved in healing arts and coaching. Tell us a little bit about this?

Absolutely. I caught the teaching bug from my parents. They dedicated their lives to connecting with students, and I channeled that into getting a Masters in Fine Arts. Being just an actor was never doing to be enough for me, but getting to be involved in the arts myself, and having the chance to inspire and cultivate the arts in others, that is something I am excited to put my life to. That goes hand in hand with the Master Reiki training I have, which I incorporate into my arts coaching. My aim to help the people that I work with feel authentic in their own bodies, voices, and ultimately, spirits.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Lodge 49 on AMC just got picked up for a second season, so you might be seeing Beth again soon! In the meantime, Good Behavior Season Two just started showing on Hulu, so you can catch me there, antagonizing Michelle Dockery’s character, Letty. 

Here at BELLA, our tagline is Beauty Defined by You. What does Beauty mean to you?

As simple as it may be, shining from the inside out. By allowing your authentic light to shine, you inspire others to do the same. Beauty belongs to everyone. 

We loved chatting to Britt and we can’t wait to see this star-filled movie later this month. Follow Britt on Instagram: @opheliagrownup to see what else she is getting up to.

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