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Designing for the Biggest Celebrities and Breaking into the Men’s Jewelry Market

Celebrity jeweler and jewelry designer, George Khalife, is constantly working with internationally recognised celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Sara Hyland to name a few. Widely known as George the Jeweler, many of his exclusive jewelry designs have been featured in Vogue and even on television shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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His latest project, a men’s jewelry capsule for the holidays, has just been launched and we were so intrigued by George’s journey into this unique industry we had to find out more.

How did your career into the jewelry industry begin?

The jewelry business has been in my family for generations. My dad came over from Lebanon almost 40 years ago and brought it with him. He built an empire which my sister and I have taken and expanded upon.

Your latest venture is an online jewelry capsule for men for the holidays! Can you tell us a little bit about this?

I have found a great deal of success in designing women’s jewelry, I guess you could say I have a natural eye for it. Men, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to design for. Men typically prefer things less dainty and elegant. That said, I have been designing jewelry for myself for so long, it honestly just felt like the right time to push myself into the men’s market. I don’t want to reveal too much yet, but I will say I am really looking forward to releasing it for the holidays!

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Christina Milian. How did this come about?

Christina and I connected over social media a few years back and we immediately hit it off. I began designing for her and eventually learned of her creative side. We decided to put our heads together and began working on “House of fine gold”.  I can honestly say she has become one of my closest friends and is an incredibly creative woman. She brings so much enthusiasm and positivity to the table. 

You have worked with some huge celebrity clients. Who have been some of your favorites/funniest to work with?

Favorite, man there’s so many! Obviously, Christina Milian has been incredible, we’re always laughing! Ashanti has been a lot of fun to work with too. Ashley Graham is the most down to earth and kind hearted person and recently, I connected with Debby Ryan, she has great energy! I have to say I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with everyone! 

What does it feel like when you see celebrities wearing your personally designed items? Is it a feeling you have gotten used too?

It is an incredible feeling. I for sure get this big smile on my face.  As frequent as it’s become, I don’t think it’s something you become used to, every time it’s just as exciting. I do have this thing now when I go grocery shopping, I stop and look through People, Us or Ok! Magazines and see who I can spot wearing one of my pieces! I get super hyped when I do! But at the end of the day I get that same feeling when I see anyone wearing one of my pieces, celebrity or not.

How does it feel to see how far and successful you have become with your jewelry career?

I feel very fortunate. I’ve worked really hard and sacrificed a lot. I still always look for that approval from my parents. There is nothing better than hearing your mom and dad say you did good!

If you could have one piece of advice for young people that are trying to make it in the fashion/creative industry, what would it be?

I have a ton of advice for those trying to make it the fashion world. It’s tough and very competitive. I swear I could write a book! But if I had to pick my one best piece of advice it would be to never give up. No matter how defeated you get. Keep getting yourself out there, you won’t make it very far if you don’t. And NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Make use of social media; Instagram, Facebook and all these platforms are incredible tools that cost us nothing! Every designer should be making use of them. 

Here at BELLA our tagline is Beauty Defined by You. What does Beauty mean to you?

I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. I love that tag line because we are all unique individuals. We all look, sound, and think uniquely. Society sets such an emphasis on looking and acting a certain way, I think there is nothing more empowering than embracing yourself and being true to you. Yes, be inspired by others’ ideas of beauty but always be true to yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than that in my opinion. 

We loved getting to know George! You can see his brand new jewelry capsule and products on his website: You can follow his social media @georgethejeweler to keep up to date with what he gets up too.

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