Get To Know Parveen Kaur star of NBC new hit show Manifest

Canadian actress, Parveen Kaur is best-known for her parts in Saving Hope, Beyond and The Strain and we can now see her starring in Manifest, a brand new NBC series. We chatted with her as she dished some exclusive secrets on the show’s new series and told us of her dreams to make her mark on the fashion world. 

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Your latest show Manifest has recently aired! What was it like to work on this show?

Working on Manifest has been incredible. We’re well into shooting episode 8 and it’s been going by so fast, probably because we’re just having so much fun.

You star as a character called Saanvi, can you tell us a little about what she is like?

 Saanvi has a lot of conviction in what she believes in and in the things, she’s fighting for. She’s really intelligent and self-assured and she has this fiery spirit, that she holds onto, even after part of her life has basically been taken from her.

The first episode finished with flight 828 exploding, as the series uncovers secrets and mysteries, can you give us an insight of what we should expect to see?

 Without giving too much away, the season is going to get into how all of the characters on the plane are linked to one another. We’re going to start exploring some of the different passengers on the plane, their personal lives and Saanvi is on her quest to solve whatever happened to us on that 828 flight.

We have recently seen you in the film Through Black Spruce and Beyond. How do you adapt to each different role you play?

 Through Black Spruce is very special to me. A story about a young First Nations woman searching for her younger missing sister, and to be a part of a project where we were able to bring a spotlight on the epidemic of missing indigenous women, was really a privilege for me and I just tried to approach my character, Geeta, and every character with as much honesty and integrity as possible.

A lot of your roles are in the horror/sci-fi genre. Is this your favorite genre? What is it like to work in this field?

 I’m not sure if I have a FAVORITE…I just like compelling stories and characters that move me, whether it’s a drama or a comedy! But the Sci-Fi world has definitely welcomed me with open arms and that’s partially due to the fact that it is a genre that has usually done a good job in embracing diversity and has been at the forefront of inclusivity.

In 2017, you received the MISAFF Star for your work in supporting recognition for women of color in film & TV. How did you start this work? Is this something which you are still passionate about and working with?

The creators of the festival had been following my career from the very beginning and they have always been very supportive of me and that’s how I got involved, by people being supportive! Support is a very valuable thing, especially towards women and women of color. I see it as more of a responsibility than as work.

You’re always so busy! What can we expect to see from you next?

Fingers crossed Manifest will continue to be a success and we’re going to have many more seasons. I’m also in a space and point in my career where I am actively working towards developing my own projects that are personal to me. On top of that, my first love was fashion, and I hope I can carve a path for myself in that world as well.

Here at BELLA Magazine our tagline is Beauty Defined By You. Can you tell us what beauty means to you?

 Beauty to me is self-expression. Beauty to me is a full spectrum. True beauty to me is unconditional love. Love of oneself and of others.

Photo shot by: Vipoositha

We loved getting to know Parveen and we are so excited to watch how Manifest unfolds throughout the series! You can catch Manifest on Monday nights on NBC. Keep up to date with Parveen Kaur on her Instagram @yoparveen.

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