Get Your OM On With Salt Spring Malas


Mala beads have been worn for thousands of years and are known for their spiritual and healing qualities. Often used in Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga, malas aid in meditation and can be comprised of different types of stones. Depending on the needs of the wearer, different stones are recommended. In our November/December BELLA issue, you will find an array of products you can utilize to improve your mind, body and soul. One of those products comes from Salt Spring Malas. This Canada-based company produces hand-made pieces of exquisite mala jewelry using only the highest quality stones, free of dyes and toxins.

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Owner and creator Jacqueline Medalye designs and makes each piece with fine craftsmanship. All of the designs are made on Salt Spring Island and created when Medalye is in a peaceful state of mind, taking into consideration color, beauty, Ayurveda and metaphysics, resulting in unique, high quality malas. Her background gives her an edge in the industry, learning all about Hindu and Buddhist practices during her PhD fieldwork in the Indian sub-continent, including the sub-Himalayas and having practiced yoga for 15 years.

Each piece of jewelry is a strand of prayer beads in a count of 108, 54, 27 or 21, lending to seamless meditation with spacing between each bead. Salt Spring Malas has an array of options, including traditional mala beads, chakra mala bead bracelets, Ayurvedic malas to match your dosha and more. Additionally, you can search on their website to find the meanings of the different stones and find one specifically for your intentions. Oh, and did we mention how stunning they are? Once you see this creations in person, it’s clear how much effort was put into creating each piece. They are not only great for your yoga practice, but can be worn all day long to make a fashion statement.

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