Broadway actress, lifestyle brand founder, and teacher, Tiffany Haas can do it all! Tiffany started as an actress, loving the art of performing, which led her to her most notable performance as Glinda in both the Broadway and National Tour production of Wicked

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Being a busy actress, Tiffany is used to glam dilemmas, and when she found herself having a hard time finding the perfect bag for her accessories, hair and makeup products, she decided to create her own.   After three years of tinkering in her dressing room, FullBeat was born!  Now Tiffany wants to empower others to discover their own beat with quality products that provide accessible glamour!

Her newly launched lifestyle brand specializes in handbags, cosmetic bags, accessories with a makeup line on deck.  The FullBeat mantra is about living life to the fullest, dreaming big and having the confidence, drive and perseverance to make your dreams a reality. Her brands message as well as her own personal values are what makes her the perfect fit for BELLA! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tiffany to discuss all things beauty!

What does beauty mean to you?

Being authentically you.  Time and time again we hear “Beauty comes from within.”  I believe that’s true.  To me beauty is kind, confident, joyful, and being comfortable in your own skin.  Without that you’ll never be truly beautiful on the outside. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Cherish every moment.

The moment this advice became real was when I received a letter from a mother of a terminally ill child named Juliana. She wanted more than anything to see the Broadway show Wicked, however due to her condition she was not able to leave the hospital. A couple of my cast mates and I decided to bring the show to her.  She laid with her eyes closed as we sang songs from the show. Then her mother requested “For Good” –a song from about love, friendship and saying goodbye. As we began singing, the mother joined in and before we knew it Juliana gained enough strength to lift her head and mouth the words. Tears and emotion flooded the room. I am grateful to have experienced that precious moment.

(Of course, that moment forever changed how I thought about “For Good” each night in the show) but more than that, the moment forever instilled in me… life is about what you do for others and the impact you have on each other’s lives-even when you might not know it. Cherish every moment.

With Wicked being such a prominent Broadway musical, how did you feel about taking on the iconic role of Glinda?

I felt incredibly grateful as well as a great responsibility to do a good job. I remember clear as day receiving a phone call from Craig Burns at Telsey & Co (casting for the show) to tell me that I would be taking over the role of Glinda. I was in Vancouver at the time and it was very early in the morning due to the time change in NYC. I was thrilled beyond belief!  What a dream role!  I didn’t know what to do after we hung up, so I just ran outside with a huge smile on my face and yelled “I’m Glindaaaa!” No one on the street seemed interested, however I was elated and couldn’t wait to get in that bubble!  I was truly honored to have had the opportunity to play the role of Glinda.  Incredibly talented women who I greatly admire played the role before me and more continue to play it after me.  I find it very humbling to be included in the sorority of sparkly witches! 

Being a “fashionista” with your own lifestyle brand, do you feel it’s easier to relate to the girly, eccentric character of Glinda?

I definitely related to this character before developing FullBeat. I think I was Glinda in a previous life.  Before being cast in Wicked, I remember sitting in the audience at the Gershwin Theater to see the show when it first opened on Broadway. Aside from being completely moved by the story, I remember thinking, “I want Glinda’s closet!”  The blue bubble dress, the school uniform with adorable matching beret, the pink popular cocktail dress, the ball gown, the list goes on….

Through much of the first act, Glinda carries a little purse that matches each outfit… she would love FullBeat’s “Ready, Set, Bow!”

Do you think you will ever leave the stage to pursue your FullBeat line full time?

NEVER!  I love performing.   It’s something that will always be huge part of my life.   The wonderful thing is that FullBeat and performing are forever related.   All of things that go along with performing like packing, traveling, running to an event, and getting ready to go onstage are exactly what inspired and continue to inspire the FullBeat line!  They need each other!

Being a triple threat who offers master classes all over the country, what would you say is your favorite art to teach: vocal, dance, or acting?

First and foremost, I absolutely love working with students. Their passion and love for theater and performing is contagious and continues to inspire me! 

It’s important for my students to understand that singing, dancing, and acting are really all one discipline.  Singers and dancers should think of themselves as actors first.  They are telling a story either through song or movement.  Vocal technique, beautifully controlled high notes, or great feet and amazing extension is boring when it is mechanical and does not tell us a story.   When my students start to break apart song lyrics and really understand the message they are telling the audience, the result is incredible.  Their voices instantly sound better.  They lift the story off the page and into the minds of their audience.  What was black and white on paper now becomes a performance.  Same with dancers.  It’s not enough to have perfect turn out, gorgeous feet, and perfectly executed steps.  When a dancer understands what is happening in the story, it will change the way they dance. This is what I love about theater. Storytelling!

So, what’s my favorite art to teach?  ALL of them!

Between your former title as Miss Ohio and your success as a performer it seems you were born to be on stage;  but, do you have any other hobbies or interests when you’re not under a spotlight?

Aside from working on my golf game … I would have to say FullBeat, of course! FullBeat is true passion of mine.  I never thought that I’d be designing a line of bags but it grew out of necessity.  After all the touring and traveling as Miss Ohio and as a performer on tour, I have used plenty of bags and cases that didn’t quite cut it.  I knew there had to be a better way to carry makeup, accessories, toiletries, and hair products in one organized place.  One day in my dressing room at Wicked, I began cutting up bags and taping them back together in ways that I would want to use them.  “The Vanity” was born! 

Along with the fabulous line of products, it’s the message of FullBeat that I truly love. FullBeat is a term that means having your full face of makeup on, and you are ready for the stage or a night out. It has grown to mean so much more to me. FullBeat is about living life to the fullest, putting yourself out there, dreaming big, and having the confidence, drive and perseverance to make your dreams a reality. Living the FullBeat style is about being true to who you are and believing in yourself.

What advice would you give to aspiring performers?

1) Don’t Give Up!  I heard 72 “NOs” before my first “Yes.”  That’s a lot of Nos!  This is a very subjective business and there are many things not in your control. The only thing you CAN control is how prepared you are for an audition, how hard you work, and how willing you are to persevere and keep going!  Rule #1…..Don’t give up!

2) Continue training and setting goals. Stay in voice, dance, acting classes, continue seeing theater, and take advantage of performance opportunities whenever you can.  It will help you to become more confidant in the audition room and on the stage.

3) Be Yourself!  I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learned throughout my career is to trust that I am enough.  When I first came to New York, I spent too much time worried about what the people on the other side of the table wanted… and I tried to be “that person.”  It was a waste because I didn’t even know what they wanted.  Maybe they didn’t know either and were hoping that someone real and authentic would walk into the room!  If you waste your time and energy trying to be what you think the people on the other side of the table are looking for, then you’ll be missing wonderful opportunities to show someone how fabulous and unique you are. 

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