Getting To Know Zhanna Babchuk, Founder of Poshare

Poshare is an on-demand fashion platform enabling women to rent or purchase outfits directly from a curated community of boutiques, designers and wholesalers for up to 85% off retail. We had the opportunity to sit down with Poshare’s founder to chat about the innovative company and how women everywhere can turn the runway into their walkway.

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You came to NYC by yourself at 19 years old from Ukraine, what sparked you to move here full-time?

I was 19 and full of energy and adventure spirit. New York seemed like a magical place, where buildings and ambition are high as the sky, where dreams come true and celebrities roam the streets. After moving to NYC pretty much all of it all turned out to be true.


What led you to start Poshare?

Women love dressing up, and I am no exception. Growing up me and my sister would borrow outfits from one another, we both would “rent” our mother’s purses and jewelry (often in exchange for house chores). Living in New York through my 20s, going out 6 times a week, it was easy to become broke but fabulous under the pressure of wearing something new and chic every time. I wanted to offer women an affordable alternative.


How is the business model of Poshare different compared to your competitors?

We are the only company that works with small businesses, we pull inventory from a number of designers, wholesalers, boutiques and specialty salons. Being an avid online shopper myself, I know how important the first impression is. Although initially we planned to allow regular women to rent out their dresses as well, we later decided to stay away from P2P (peer to peer model) because it is nearly impossible to guarantee the quality of service.  Poshare is a truly curated fashion community, we have been hand picking our dresses as well as the vendors. Currently all the retailers that we are working with have 4.5-5 star customer satisfaction rating. That’s why creating a platform with multiple ‘pro’ vendors was a way to guarantee style variety and quality of service.


Why is the shared economy becoming so popular? And how is it beneficial to your audience?

We live in a materialistic society that is struggling with overconsumption: we buy too much “stuff” that we often don’t really need, we don’t use the resources to it’s full potential. If we look at an average closet, we are very likely to find fashion pieces that have been worn just once if ever at all. How many times can you wear a gown? Usually once or twice, it simply doesn’t make sense to own it. When we are “sharing” fashion pieces, we not only make more people happy by using less resources, we also get more fashion mileage per item and it helps us keep our landfills cleaner. 


The bridal industry is a huge market, can you tell us what our brides and their friends and families can expect from Poshare?

We have some great news for future brides. Poshare is looking to launch a new section of the site very soon – a Bridal Suite, that will have all things “wedding”, cater to brides, newlyweds’ mothers, bridesmaids and friends. Women will be able to shop a curated collection of dresses based on wedding themes, whether it’s a color or style. Bridesmaids will be able to pre-order their dresses as early as 12 months before the wedding, both for sale and rental. 


What do you hope to accomplish with Poshare within the next year?

In 2017 we are looking to improve the website by automating certain processes, launch the above mentioned Bridal Suite, and raise money so we can scale our operations and serve more people.


What is one of your favorite things about New York?

There is no other place in the world with the energy of New York. Art, entertainment, fashion – you get to play and compete with the best in every industry. I feel like one can remain feeling forever young in this city.

BELLA’s mission is “Beauty as defined by you,” so how do you define beauty?

In my opinion beauty is very individualistic, it is what makes you – You. Finding that special something, accepting and loving yourself, and letting your individuality shine through – that’s what beauty is to me. The worst thing you can do to yourself is pretending to be someone else, trying to fit into what’s “in” right now. Fashion comes and goes, but style remains forever.


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