Getting to Know Amber Nash

A teacher, creator and director, actress Amber Nash has many years of theater experience under her belt. We recently caught up with the improv performer and got to know how she got her start, how she defines beauty, and what her plans for the future are.
How did you get your start as an actress?
I started taking improv classes for fun, and because I was drawn to comedy, I never stopped. I still do improv every weekend that I’m home at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta.
Did you have a back-up plan if your acting career didn’t turn out the way you hoped for?
Not really, acting was my back-up. I never intended to be an actor. I got a degree in psychology and was working as a counselor when I quit to become an actor full-time because I was enjoying it so much.

What’s your favorite genre for acting?

Comedy for sure.

You’ve been on Archer for nine seasons now, how has your character Pam evolved throughout the series?

So much, I think she might be the character on the show that has changed the most. In the early seasons, she was just kind of the butt of the joke or a punching bag and then she became this super badass that could do anything.  She became a fan favorite for being body positive, sex positive, and fun.

What’s your definition of beauty?

I find beauty to be people doing what they love. People that are passionate about what they do are beautiful people. And kindness, I find very beautiful. Also, I really do feel like the most attractive people are confident people.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don’t be lazy. That’s what my mom used to say to me when I was a kid and it’s really stuck in all parts of my life.

What career goals are you focusing on now?

I really want to do more on-camera work and make my own stuff. I’ve got a web series that we made a few years ago that I’m very proud of, you can see all 10 episodes at
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