Give Yourself A One Day Liquid Detox

We can all get swallowed up easily in the fast pace of life. We snack often, we grab food on the go, and overdose on coffee to get through the day. Or perhaps you eat well during the week and binge on a weekend? Either way, your body is probably ready for a mini detox. Detoxing isn’t as difficult as you think. There are plenty of ways to do it healthily and without having to break the bank. You can do a simple one day detox to cleanse your body and leave yourself feeling happier and healthier, and ready to start a healthy new routine and there is no better time to start than spring!

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Start your day with a cold glass of water to get your body into the swing of the day. It wakes you up almost instantly and hydrates you. Start off with some lemon juice which can really help stimulate your digestive tract, which is perfect for when you start eating. Your body is already engaged and ready to process your food quickly and efficiently. If you are just detoxing for one day, then detoxing with liquid only is probably going to be for you. Pre-plan your smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a great way to not have to worry about making anything on the day. For breakfast, keep it simple with all your nutrients from fruit. Throw in some berries and some oats for energy. You can add your own flavourings, such as cinnamon, vanilla, or honey.


For lunch, incorporate some vegetables. Leafy greens, spinach, kale, and carrots are really good to keep you going for the rest of the day. You can add salt and pepper just like to your regular meals, even chilli and ginger if you like a little bit of a kick to your food. Adding avocado will also make your smoothie really creamy and decadent.


For dinner, why not make a soup? Throw in all your leftover veg and whiz it up in your food processor; then heat it on your stove and throw in on some leafy herbs for texture and taste. It’s a great way to detox without piling lots of food into your stomach and keeping your digestive system relaxed and not allowing it to do too much work. You’ll feel energized and healthy and of course washing all this down with a few glasses of water will help if you’re taking a break from caffeine for the day. Take time to start drinking more ginger tea. It’s a brilliant way to aid digestion and also it is a quick hangover cure. Of course it is not all about the food. Detoxing can be achieved by exercise, to help flush your toxins through the blood. A quick walk, a swim, or a cycle; these can all be perfect for assisting your body and can be easily incorporated into a more long-term healthy lifestyle. Of course you can do your one day detoxes as often as you wish, it’s a perfect way to detox after a night out, any special event or occasion where you feel you have abused your body a little, or every once in a while just for a pick-me-up. Be creative and start enjoying your detoxing!

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