Glam Jewelry That Needs To Be On Your Radar

A lot of people opt for the same jewelry day in, day out. After all, they go for a few similar things they can wear every single day. After all, we get into a habit when it comes to our jewelry. However, if you want to stay on-trend, it’s time to mix it up. After all, there are so many beautiful options out there which will add a whole new look to your wardrobe. And you will turn heads with these stunning jewelry choices. Therefore, here are some glam jewelry options that need to be on your radar.


Oversized rings

You might have one or two rings on your fingers. But to ensure you are at the height of fashion, you should opt for some oversized rings. For one thing, these really help to ensure you make a statement. In fact, people will be drawn to the large ring on your finger. And they are also stunning; they will help to complete your outfit. When it comes to choosing oversized rings, make sure you go for a glam color which will stand out against your outfit. For example, a gold or silver would be great to help you look fabulous. Or you could even go for a trio of oversized black rings to help you look edgy! Of course, if you are going to opt for oversized rings, be careful with the rest of your jewelry options. After all, you don’t want to take your look from beautiful to over the top! Therefore, just go for the rings to ensure you make a statement.

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A rose gold watch

We are so reliant on looking at our phones now for the time that not many people have watches on their wrist anymore. But while the time may be redundant, they can still be a great fashion accessory. In fact, a lot of people wear watches to ensure they have a glam piece of jewelry. If you are going to opt to add a watch to your outfit, you should consider going for rose gold. After all, this pretty color will ensure you can wear it with most outfits. And it’s a beautiful color which is at the height of fashion. To find the best watches, you should have a look at brands like Frost Nyc. After all, they have a wealth of watches which will add some glam to your wardrobe. And it will look expensive so it will show you have class too! You can check my previous blog for some celebs rocking the rose gold look on the red carpet!


Ear cuffs

We have a pair of favorite earrings that we love rocking during nights out. And we tend to get stuck with the same earrings every time. But if you want to be on-trend, you should go for something different with your earrings. For example, you ought to look at ear cuffs. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they need multiple piercings to rock these. But, in fact, these ear cuffs just give the impression that you have them. That way, you can still show off your inner rock star without heading near a piercing shop. There are many cute ear cuffs around which will add some edge to your outfit. In fact, look at actress rocking ear cuffs in this article. Pair them with a little black dress and an edgy leather jacket to make sure you look in style this season.


A wealth of bracelets

You might put one or two bracelets on when you head out on the town with your friends. But they tend to be boring gold or silver options which don’t add anything to your appearance. However, if you want to give your jewelry a boost, you should opt for a wealth of bracelets on your wrist. For one thing, this can ensure you create a statement with your outfit. And if you opt for different styles and colors, it can give your outfit a much-needed boost. You can often buy bracelet sets which have been put together to ensure you look fabulous. And then you can wear these on your wrist when you go out on the town. Remember to be limited with your other jewelry if you are going to a ton of bracelets. After all, if you start adding other items like statement necklaces and drop earrings, it might cause you to look OTT.


And remember vintage jewelry would also be great to add some glam to your wardrobe. Go through your mom and grandma’s jewelry box to find something you love.


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