Give Back With Inspired Activewear at Global Angel

Designer Amber Dawn Shopay grew up in the glittering California sunshine, blissfully living a Malibu childhood, swimming in the Pacific, biking in the hills, skateboarding all over town. Her father was an skilled surfer who knew everyone and was part of the famous Dewey Weber surf team as a teenager.  Their home was always open to neighbors and friends.

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Then in 2018, the golden sun that made life in Malibu seem eternally resplendent appeared as an enemy as temperatures soared and the Woolsey fire raced through the landscape, incinerating homes and leaving neighborhoods reeling. While it wasn’t the first fire in Malibu, it was extraordinarily vicious and destructive. “When the fire took place last year, Amber said, “Malibu does what it always does, everyone came together as a community, helped and supported each other, figured out solutions, raised money for friends who lost everything… I felt it was my calling to finally launch this brand.”

Amber launched Global Angel, a philanthropic, active clothing line infused with positive messages meant to remind people that even in the most challenging of times there is hope.  For Malibu residents, Amber hopes the messages of Global Angel tells them that the Malibu of her childhood, the joy, the love and the community spirit that was there then, is there now.

Global Angel purchases fund charities and allows customers to give back in a unique way. When a product is purchased at, 20% is automatically donated to charity, and what’s interesting, is that the customer can choose which non-profit they want to support from a carefully curated dropdown list.  These partner charities can also receive an additional gift should the shopper decide to add “wings” to their purchase and donate more. The list includes over twenty groups, from the American Cancer Society, in honor of Amber’s mother who died of cancer at 57, to the Wounded Warrior Project. After the Woolsey fire, the brand’s top three recipients have been the Malibu Foundation, the California Wildlife Center and the Eastman Ranch. This creative way of giving makes it extraordinarily easy for customers to know that they too are making a difference.

Mike Patchis, Firefighter with Woodland Hills Station #84, with his wife Julie. Their proceeds were donated to the Malibu Foundation.

While the Woolsey fire was the catalyst to launch Global Angel, the seed to help those in need was planted years before when Amber was a young girl with her dad in Mexico on one of their frequent surfing trips. She befriended local kids playing soccer on a dirt lot and learned that their biggest wish was for grass, just grass, to use as a soccer field. She remembers thinking then that someday she would be able to do something to help them. Decades later, Global Angel is now fulfilling her dream of helping those who need it most.

Find Global Angel:  IG @shopglobalangel   FB @GAshowusyourheart


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