Going Nude Taken To A Whole New Meaning: Introducing Nude Barre

Ever look in your closet and realize you have everything you ever need?  “Yes,” said no girl EVER!  This brand will be sure to complete your closet and all the looks you needed that one missing piece for.

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Everyone has their grey, blacks, whites, colors, but we forget about the naturals, colors that reflect our skin tones in many different shades.  CEO, Erin Carpenter, former Knicks City Dancer and founder of Nude Barre starts undergarment brand that sells skin toned hosiery due to her struggles as a dancer, and never being able to find nude undergarments that weren’t your average “beige”.

 After years of not being able to match the right tights to her skin tone, Carpenter finally had enough, and launched the brand in 2011.  Nude Barre has a line of underwear, bralettes, and tights in 12 different shades of “nude”.  Celebrities such as Trya Banks, Wendy Williams, Beyonce, and Serena Williams sported and supported the brand.  Now, being a mom, Carpenter thinks about her child, and never wants her to feel the confusion she did, as she was matching foundations to her shoes every week before dance class.  She feels as if it is important to offer a variety of skin tones in her garments, because everybody should feel as if they have a place.  

Carpenter aims to empower woman to shine the color they were meant to show, and to feel comfortable in their own skin. Because what’s sexier than being confident?

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