Grab These For Your Next Mt Fuji Climb!

In 2007, I went to Tokyo for the first time. I stayed with my friend in her tiny apartment. A wooden walking stick that had burned symbols on it was perched in a rare untouched corner. When asked, she said it was a walking stick that she used when climbing Mt Fuji.

Little did I know, I would be making the same trek up the mountain 15 years later. I couldn’t even tell you how the idea came up with a friend – but I was committed. And when I packed my AWAY case with my usual shoes of the Prada, Gucci variety – they shared space with my new hiking shoes.

Here are a few other products that eased the climb to the summit for sunrise.

Arc’Teryx Cerium LT Hoody and Beta LT Jacket

Lightweight and down filled. This was easy to store away and grab when it was required. I managed to leave some raisins in the pocket and it was an easy wash when I got home.


This is a weightless shell covered my base layer and helped when the wind started to pick up. Thank goodness it did not rain, but I was ready.

Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Several people recommended these socks and they definitely lived up to their claim. Warm, fun color ways and with a great cushion – they have a lifetime warranty in case something happens. I’m wearing mine right now!

Randolph Sunglasses

I did not realize how bright sunshine is without cloud cover. Worn by professional pilots and astronauts, they provide unparalleled stylish protection for your eyes.

WakaWaka Solar Light

Who knew there would be minimal light in a mountain hut and my phone would give me a low temperature warning while on the summit?  I strapped this solar light to my pack as we climbed up and got to enjoy light/power while we trekked in the early morning light.

Silversport Towel

Soft, lightweight and durable, this silver embedded towel doubled as a scarf once the wind kicked up. The towel does well reabsorbing the sweat from double workdays with no lingering smell thanks to the SilverClean technology.

Twig + Petal Organic Travel Kit Essential Oil Blend

A compact collection of travel essentials using essential oils. The hand sanitizer was great for a quick refresh on the mountain. The Pain Relief salve was applied to our sore achy muscles post climb.

Neutrogena make-up remover cleansing towelettes, fast absorbing hand cream and foot cream


I slipped these in my cosmetic bag to freshen up while we rested at the mountain hut. The cold-water stations were freezing and so the towelettes were perfect. The hand cream was a great protectant after the hand sanitizer and the foot cream was wonderful to soothe our tired feet.

by Elena Murzello

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