Hair Removal – Which Methods Really Work?

When most people think of techniques for removing unwanted body hair one of three things tends to come to mind. Those things are waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. But there are also other options, such as depilatory (hair removing) creams, epilator tools, sugaring, and electrolysis. If you’re wondering which methods really work, the answer is all of them in their own ways and in their own times. But some of them work faster, with less pain, or keep hair from growing back for longer periods of time.

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Relatively Painless Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

If you’re less concerned about how long the hair will stay gone and more concerned about getting rid of it painlessly then shaving is probably at the top of the list of painless techniques, but it can take a while. Also, it’s easy to miss some stray hairs once in a while. Another good, painless alternative is to apply a depilatory cream to the offending area. There are even roll on hair removing sticks that you can use, which look similar to deodorant sticks.

Getting to the Root of Hair Removal

Unfortunately, those easy, relatively painless techniques don’t last nearly as long as the results you might get from many other hair removal tools. That’s because many of those tools get right to the root of the problem, namely the hair follicle.

One of the most consistent ways to remove hair from the root is by undergoing laser treatment. The lasers can track and follow individual hair strands, sending damaging light and heat down through the hair shafts. Since the follicles are damaged by the process, it takes far longer for the hair to grow back.

Electrolysis is another way to remove hair for longer periods of time. In fact, repeated electrolysis can often stop hair from growing back ever by destroying the follicles completely. The downside is that electrolysis can be quite uncomfortable. It’s also usually used on very specific parts of the body. It’s best used to remove stray hairs on the face for instance. It is not meant for larger areas like a person’s back.

Spot Treating Your Skin with Epilators

Epilators are small hand-held tools. They have rotating discs that can act like a less painful version of plucking hair with tweezers. As you might expect, epilators are not meant to be used on large sections of body hair either. They are best used to spot treat small areas and remove single hairs or small patches of hair.

Waxing Versus Sugaring for Hair Removal

Waxing and sugaring are also valid hair removal options, but they can both be a bit uncomfortable and time-consuming to do. The effects of waxing can last for as long as eight weeks, but the hairs can also grow back in as little as two weeks. So, the results are unpredictable. Sugaring is a little more consistent, usually removing hairs for six to eight weeks.

Choosing the Hair Removal Method for You

If you want to choose the right way for you to get rid of your own unwanted hair then you have to consider comfort levels, costs, and time constraints. You may find that the best all around option is to combine treatments. For example, you could have laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair and then maintain the results with depilatory creams. It all depends on the treatment or treatments that you choose and how your body responds to that treatment plan.

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