Hairway To Heaven: How To Get Angelic Hair The Natural Way

Your hair is such a central part of your image. It can completely define your look. Whether loose and natural or short and sharp, your chosen hairstyle will exude your personality. So it’s important to take good care of it. Endless heated styling, brushing, tying up and braids can take its toll on your tired locks. These things can make them look lank, weak and after a while, your hair will show signs of breakage.

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Why Go Natural?


Most treatments and products nowadays are anything but natural or organic. The ingredients pollute our waters and contribute to wildlife destruction and are unsustainable in the long run. Natural hair care is the way forward. It won’t damage your tresses and is good for the rest of the world too. Here a few tips and tricks to keep your hair happy, healthy and beautiful the natural way.


Ditch The Hot Water


Hot showers are lovely in the winter but completely unnecessary during warmer months. We’re not saying to bathe in an ice-cold pool, but just take down the temperature of your water a little. Aim for something just above body temperature. Hot water will make your hair dry and brittle. Always have a quick rinse with cold water before you get out of the shower. This will give your hair a natural shine.



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Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar. Apparently, it’s the answer for everything. It’s health benefits have been plastered across goodness and wellbeing sites recently. But for good reason. It does live up to its expectations. What’s more: it’s good for your hair too. Mix half a cup of warm water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar and rinse through your hair. Leave for five minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water to get rid of the vinegary, cidery smell. It will give your hair a much-needed bounce.


Make Your Own Hair Masks


A deep condition is good for your hair. But does it need to be packed with chemicals and colourings? Try making your own from products you probably already have in your refrigerator. A good idea for a protein packed mask is to mix raw eggs with yoghurt. Damp your hair and massage the mixture into your scalp and leave for ten minutes. Then wash and condition your hair as usual to remove the mixture. Your roots should be left shiny and silky soft.


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Leave It Down


Hairbands tear and damage your hair. To prevent breakage, opt to leave your hair down rather than in a complicated updo. Your scalp will rejoice, as tight ponytails and French plaits can make it sore. More natural styles will give it a much-needed rest and time for recovery and recuperation.


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Treat Sun Damage


We’d recommend wearing a hat in hot and sunny conditions. This protects your scalp from UV damage and sunburn. However, if you do find yourself with sun damage, there are plenty of natural remedies. Mix honey, olive oil and an egg yolk. Apply to your hair and leave for twenty minutes, then rinse.


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