Have an Unbreakable Spirit

Most of us have experienced a few of these obstacles and probably more so when we were younger.  It’s a love-hate emotion knowing that we get wiser as we get older. There’s a quote that says: With age, comes wisdom, but sometimes age shows up all by itself! – Tom Wilson

 I remember being at one of my mastermind groups where  some of my Savor the Success friends had told me I had an unbreakable spirit.

In my 30 years of living that was the first time I have heard that about myself. I felt warm, uplifted, and honored that these successful, strong women thought so highly of me.

I also believe any woman can have an unbreakable spirit with some awareness of her own intelligence.

No, I’m not being arrogant, and I still have low moments where my spirit isn’t always as uplifted, but I am pretty darn optimistic when it comes to my life and my business. 

Not everything I do or touch will be right. I have and will  fail at things, but it’s the way I handle the situation at hand and continue to move forward that keeps my spirit unbreakable.

Here are 3 ways of having an unbreakable spirit too:

1. Have Drive, Ambition, and Passion: I believe it takes drive and ambition to use towards a passion.  On the other hand, when you have a passion, you have drive and ambition. They go hand-in-hand in my eyes.  If you have a passion, then you can understand that the majority of us who have a passion also have an unbreakable spirit. Why? Because we have a dream, we see a big picture, we have visions, and no one can break that. If you don’t have a passion then ask yourself, “What makes me smile? What gives me natural excitement? What can I do over and over that won’t make me sick or bored of it?” Find it because if you don’t have passion, then what do you have in your life that’s worth living for?

2. Be Positive, Optimistic, and Realistic: Yes, I understand that life happens and you can’t always be positive and optimistic, but you can be realistic. Being realistic, along with being a dreamer, can easily fit into your daily, mental routine. Work on looking at life, your situations, and experiences as the glass half full, not empty.  Go with the flow, go with your gut, enjoy the journey you choose, and you will have an unbreakable spirit.

3. Focus, Be In Tune, Tune Out: Think back to a time when you were focused.  Can you remember the feeling? Can you remember the zone you were in? Did anybody break that focus? The one thing I can assure you, is that if you are focused on a goal, nobody can stop you.  No excuses.  Live your life each day the way you want, but most importantly live each day mentally the way you want.  Tune out “them” – the negative voices in your life.  There is no room for the negative voices.  So focus, stay in tune, tune out the negative voices, and you will have an unbreakable spirit.

~Susan Vernicek

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Susan Vernicek is known as the Identity Energizer. Her purpose and passion is to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life, within themselves and their lives.

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