HAVEN: Taking Over The World Of Pop One Single At A Time

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Growing up in the small town of Moville, Iowa, singer/songwriter Haven is making it BIG! Moving to Nashville at just 12 years old, the young artist immediately put her talents to work, quickly making a name for herself within the heart of country music. Her powerful pipes and leading lyrics granted her the opportunity to tour the nation with a number of notable country music stars, including Hunter Hayes, Thomas Rhett, and Lady Antebellum, just to name a few.

While on tour, Haven was exposed to an entire new world of music. She instantly fell in love with the sound of pop, and her newfound passion for the genre inspired her to take a different direction. In November 2019, Haven debuted her new sound with the release of her single “Swimming In Your Feelings,” which instantly hit #6 on the Radio Disney ‘Top Songs’ chart.

Since then, Haven has released a collection of spectacular songs that have captivated both her listeners and other pop artists as well. In fact, Selena Gomez co-signed Haven’s single “Be With You,” which made its way to the Radio Disney ‘Top 10 Songs’ chart and Apple Music x Shazam’s ‘Recommended New Music’ playlist in no time at all. Her latest single, titled “Sad and Successful,” has already gained a tremendous amount of recognition, and can be heard on Triller as a part of the viral #ImLosingItChallenge. To top it all off, the talented musician will open up for Dinah Jane (former member of Fifth Harmony) on her tour later this year.

Eager to learn more about the accomplished artist and her successful career, BELLA connected with Haven herself…

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What was is like moving from the small town of Moville, Iowa to the grand city of Nashville, Tennessee at such a young age?

If you read my journals when I was a little girl, they all consisted of my dream to move to Nashville. It was this magical place to me. It was an absolute dream come true when I moved. I couldn’t believe it, and it has provided me with so many opportunities to chase my dreams and grow.

What inspired you to start singing/writing pop music instead of country?

Growing up in Moville, Iowa the majority of the music I listened to was country music. I wasn’t exposed to much pop until I moved to Nashville actually. Once I started listening to more pop it opened up a whole new world of music and melodies for me. Over time I started writing more pop leaning songs. I knew I wanted to do pop, but everyone I knew around me was in the country music business so I felt kind of lost. Last April my publishing company sent me on a writing trip to LA and I did a week full of pop sessions. The pop melodies flowed out of me naturally and I knew that was the music I was supposed to be making but I was kind of in a weird in-between sonically. My publisher introduced me to my now manager Brian Teefey on that LA trip and long story short, he started helping me make the pop transition and helped me develop as an artist. So now we’re releasing the music and I couldn’t be more excited!

Where did the name “Haven” come from?

When I was looking for a name, I wanted something that sounded nice and had a good meaning behind it. I think if I could describe what music has been to me in my life it’s been a safe haven. I got really sick when I was younger and music pulled me through that, music is healing and it’s there for your good & bad days. So, I not only loved the name but I love that it describes what music is to me as well.

How would you describe the overall vibe of your music?

My musical influences come from a mix of Bazzi, Shania Twain, and Julia Michaels. I grew up on Shania Twain, so it has a flavor of the confidence she has in a lot of her music. I also love the conversational and vulnerable lyrics from Julia Michaels and the production style of Bazzi, so I try to take pieces of what inspires me and makes me excited as a listener, and incorporate that into what I create.

What would be a dream project for you?

An absolute DREAM project would be putting together a stadium tour!

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