Healthy Summer Skin and Hair Tips

As summer swiftly approaches and we shed down to our swimsuits and slip dresses, we are always looking for helpful skin and hair tips.

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For skin, it’s important to stay proactive to counteract the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. DNA Renewal is one of our favorite skin products on the market, so we were excited to sit down with the brand’s creator (as well as a renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon who has two popular dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village, California) Dr. Ronald Moy, for some helpful summer skin tips.

When it comes to hair, we are big fans of Aveda‘s natural and eco-friendly products. We were excited to talk to Karem Cavounis from the Scott J Aveda Salon on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for some pro hair tips. She is an incredibly talented colorist and hair stylist, so we were excited to get some summer hair advice from her.


1. What inspired you to create DNA Renewal?
I was inspired to create DNA Renewal to prevent skin cancer, to treat pre-cancer lesions and to make skin healthier by using our two hero-ingredients, plant-derived DNA Repair Enzymes and barley-derived Growth Factor, which help to thicken and tighten areas of the skin that are known to thin out and age quicker.

2. What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to protecting their skin during the summer months?
The biggest mistake that people make is to use only “natural sunscreens” containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. A recent Consumer Report study found that sunscreens containing only these ingredients were often inadequate and did not perform to the standard of SPF that was promised on the sunscreen packaging. The best sunscreens are chemical SPF that contain DNA Repair Enzymes, a new generation of antioxidants. A recent study from Italy demonstrated that sunscreens with DNA Repair Enzymes were “superior” to conventional sunscreens because the DNA damage created by the sun was repaired throughout the day, whereas a traditional sunscreen does not do, try out Defense SPF 50+ made with DNA Repair Enzymes.

3. Can you share your top 5 tips for protecting your skin during the summer months?
1. Take Vitamin B3 which was shown to decrease skin cancers by 23% in the New England Journal of Medicine. We have Vitamin B3 formulated with Polypodum, which treats older skin, in our new Beauty Supplements.
2. Use a cream, mask or lip balm that contains DNA Repair Enzymes which has been shown in the Lancet Medical Journal to decrease skin cancer by 30% and pre-cancer lesions by 68%.
3. Use a sunscreen with AvoBenxone or Oxybeznone to block the UVA light instead of using just a physical sunscreen. You want to look for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen.
4. Use a sunscreen with DNA Repair Enzymes so that your DNA can be repaired within hours of being damaged and throughout the day.
5. Hydrate and protect! In our field, we commonly diagnose a rough lower lip (which is almost always actinic cheilitis (inflammation) ) which can lead to skin cancer. Remember to hydrate with functional products like our DNA Lip Balm or the DNA Intensive Renewal and DNA Night Renewal for overnight hydration and repair.



4. Is a healthy tan an oxymoron?
A health tan is in fact an oxymoron since a tan is a direct reflection of DNA damage from the sun.


1. What’s the best way to counteract damage from sun or the pool?

Air dry your hair with Aveda’s Damage Remedy leave-in conditioner treatment. Twirl your hair to create a beach waves.

2. Do you have any color advice for summer?

Get a highlight face frame to create more illumination to your face.

Editor’s Note: This will create a summer-y illusion even if you’re following Dr. Moy’s advice about not tanning.

3. Any tips on how to deal with overly damaged hair?

Treat yourself to a Botanical Treatement from Aveda. It’s an instant hair repair that provides moisture and shine.

4. Is there really any way to counteract that summer frizz?

Cezanne Treatement! It’s great for summertime smoothed, relaxed curls and it also gets rid of that frizz.


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