Why High School Relationships Matter

While they’re in high school, girls can start learning what makes a good match and a healthy relationship. They’ll start seeing what kinds of people they’re compatible with and how they feel and act as part of a “couple.” They get to explore the unique dynamic of being in a romantic relationship, learning about things like trust, compassion, jealousy, supportiveness, and balance.

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And at least in high school, we’ll be there for them if they have questions, concerns, or if things fall through. We’re an easy source of information, counsel, and a shoulder to cry on.

From dropping them off at the movies to picking out presents for significant others, we can help them with the fun stuff about having a significant other. And when it comes to more serious things like sex and break-ups, it’s even more important that we’re there for guidance and support. Because after high school, they may not come to us for this kind of stuff!

The casual high school romance is important to our girls for a lot of reasons. For them to gain relationship experience. To learn about things like trust and compatibility. To gain confidence in approaching someone they’re interested in. But also for our girls to get out there and put their hearts on the line occasionally!

They should learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and take risks.

They should learn to say, “Who cares what people think?” sometimes.

And they shouldn’t be afraid to look foolish for going after something (or someone) they want!

Hey, Freddie Prinze, Jr. is waiting.

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