Hispanic Heritage Month: Getting to Know Crystal Cavey, Mrs. Galaxy 2020

By The Style Duo + Carly Wittenberg

Crystal Cavey
is your current Mrs. Galaxy 2020! Crystal loves the Galaxy and Belleza Latina International Pageant Systems and is a cross-over by winning both the Ms. Belleza Latina International 2018 title as well as the Mrs. Galaxy 2020 title-and is so excited to share this journey with her husband, Billy and both children, Tori and Raymond.

Crystal has been in the Belleza Latina and Galaxy Pageant systems as Ms. Illinois Belleza Latina 2017, Ms. Belleza Latina International 2018, Mrs. Latina Galaxy 2019, Mrs. Illinois America and Top 15 at Mrs. America 2016, as well as America’s Ultimate Queen, Mrs. Royalty International and US National Miss. She’s made over 600 appearances in 6 years!

Some of her favorite hobbies are running, exercise, having coffee with close friends, and traveling anywhere with her family. Crystal loves fashion and having fun being herself. Her culture is so important to her and her family is her #1 priority.

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How did you get started in the pageant world?

My daughter Tori was actually a competitor before me! I would attend pageants with her, mentor her to be her best, and spent time in the pageant world. One day, a woman approached me and said, “you should compete in a pageant” and the rest is history. That was 7 years ago and I’ve done 600 appearances since then around the world. I’ve made countless service appearances, including Puerto Rico’s Bag of Blessings event with my entire family in San Juan. I always wanted to show my children the importance of service and hard work.

What is your favorite part about being in pageants?

The friendships. I’ve made the best friends of my life all over the world. I love that no matter where I go there is a woman there to see and spend time with. The service work is also so important to me. I believe in being the hardest worker in the room.

What was your favorite pageant outfit?

My favorite pageant outfit EVER is my winning Mrs. Galaxy silver gown. Fun fact: I won overall Mrs. Galaxy gown and the international title in it but also , in 2016, I was a Top 16 at Mrs. America in the same gown!  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

What is your go-to brand to wear casually?

I love New York and Company because their clothing is made for women who always want the same fit.

Who is your fashion/pageant inspiration?

My inspiration… Oh that’s a hard question, but I would say Maria Torres, the owner of the Galaxy AND Belleza Latina system, is my inspiration.

What’s your favorite color to wear in pageants and why?

I love the color red because it’s sooo powerful and soooo latina! It’s my second favorite however because my favorite is silver. Silver is rare and my favorite at pageants as well as the color of my wedding almost 20 years ago!

What are some of your hobbies/passions outside of the pageant world?

I love to travel! That’s my single favorite thing to do. Working out and staying active as well is so important to me. I also love to try new wines, new coffees, see my girlfriends, and spend time making memories and sharing stories. I love clothing and purses, jewelry and makeup, and I’m an avid skin care junkie. I really love skin care and learning new ways to take care of myself.


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