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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Celebrity Spiritual Advisor – Charlotte Loretta Saenz

Charlotte Loretta Saenz is a New York-based celebrity spiritual advisor and psychic medium. She comes from a psychic bloodline that traced back to her family’s roots in Peru. Here, she chimes in on her gift, her calling…and how she can help you.

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What types of services do you offer?

“I have always been gifted but throughout the years I have connected more to the spiritual side of existence rather than the psychical. I started sharing my gift on YouTube where I do celebrity readings every week about scandals, and cold cases, and just celebrity gossip. Within my first month of YouTube I had gained a loyal following, and also started working with the celebrities I would do readings on. I work off and on contract with celebrities, and owe much of early success to media personalities like Shanna Moakler and Shallon Lester. I also work with clients who want to gain a clearer perspective on their soul purpose, or just want a reading of their own! My main specialties are past lives, soul origins, and twin flame/soulmate relationships.”

When did you realize you had quite an extraordinary gift?

I first really started noticing my gift at age fifteen, where I would see spirits and also hear them. I thought I had a mental illness, but my father had told me this was a gift that ran through our bloodline. I am now able to control it more than I could at age fifteen.”

Most rewarding:

There are many rewarding parts of my job! It’s almost hard to choose just one. Being able to work remotely is a huge plus, but also working with celebrities I’ve looked up to as a child is a very exciting aspect of my job. I do believe the most rewarding aspect is being able to help others along their journey and their healing.”


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