Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Gloria Fonts Suárez

Hispanic Heritage Month honors the cultures and contributions of the Hispanic community, shining a spotlight on some of the most prominent, talented, and inspiring members of the Hispanic community. BELLA got to know one such member, entrepreneur and public figure, Gloria Fonts Suárez.

Gloria Fonts Suárez began her career in hospitality, working for industry front-runners like the Biltmore Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. Her extensive industry background, paired with her degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University, led her to becoming co-founder of Cymbidium Events. Cymbidium Events is a boutique event planning firm in South Florida, offering a fresh approach to event planning, including Gloria’s detailed understanding of service and extensive knowledge in food and beverage.

In addition to business owner, Gloria has also mastered the balance between mom of two and marriage in the spotlight – married to the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez. The First Lady of Miami hasn’t let the global pandemic halt her entrepreneurial spirit, though, and she shared with BELLA how she is managing it all, while keeping her Hispanic Heritage a vibrant part of her daily life!

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As an entrepreneur and business owner, share with us how you got started in the hospitality and event planning industries, as well as your journey to becoming a co-founder of Cymbidium Events.

I began my career in Hospitality while still in college at 19 years old. I worked for two wonderful hotel chains here in Miami and grew to love and learn more about the industry with every experience. In 2010, I ventured out and began Cymbidium Events, a boutique style event firm that brings to life any event, both social and corporate.

In addition to owning your own business, you are a mom of two and wife to the Mayor of Miami – respectfully, the First Lady of Miami. Any secrets to juggling it all so successfully?

Flexibility and creativity, I do wear many hats, but I love my family and what I do. We have to be flexible in our lives and open to what God’s plan is for us. I know that not every day will be the same and that makes it fun, creative and exciting.

How has your industry changed throughout the pandemic and how have you personally pivoted, to remain successful and thriving despite the global setbacks?

Our industry has changed significantly. We have had to adjust in changing dates, modifying event size, style etc. New words such as micro weddings and virtual galas are en vogue for the time being…. it is about remaining positive, reinventing yourself and your brand.

As a woman in business, especially as an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to other women pursuing a similar path? Any tricks of the trade you have learned along the way?

Challenge yourself, never stop learning and be you! Everyone has their own talents and gifts, it is important to find them, follow them and do your best.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are highlighting exceptional individuals in the Latinx community, such as yourself. How do you celebrate or keep your Hispanic roots alive in your daily life?

We really try to keep the Spanish language alive in our home, both our children speak it and encourage them to do so with the whole family. We also retell the stories of the past to our children about their grandparents, great grandparents, our roots, etc. As a child, my parents did the same with me and those memories will remain in my mind and heart forever.

At BELLA, our tagline is “Life Is Beautiful.” What do you think makes life beautiful?

Peace and Joy in the little moments! This pandemic has forced us all to slow down and enjoy the quieter, more simple moments with family. I am so thankful for those moments and the beautiful life we have been given.


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