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Hit Refresh: Revolutionary ways to reboot your beauty routine

Smart swaps, cool tools, makeup shakeups, and more…discover brand new ways to make 2021 extraordinarily beautiful.

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GLOSSLAB GEL ERASER KIT – FaceTime a close friend to catch up while your gel magically comes off with the gel eraser kit—no nail salon necessary!


HOLLYWOOD BROWZER – This tool is one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood celebrities and makeup artists for eyebrow shaping, hair removal, and dermaplaning (removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz).


ANISA BEAUTY MINI SKIN CARE BRUSH TRIO – These skin care brushes are ideal for your day and night skin care routine, designed to be the perfect introduction to hands-free skin care.


TRIPOLLAR GENEO PERSONAL – This breakthrough beauty device for skin renewal provides a radiance-boosting oxygen facial at home that’s ideal for all skin types.


SLEEP&GLOW AULA PILLOW – Wake to the skin of your dreams using this adjustable, anti-aging training pillow that’s designed to promote sleeping on your back and keep wrinkles at bay.


ALOISIA BEAUTY HYDRATION ALOE GEL MIST – This goodie instantly delivers hydrating, anti-aging, soothing, and makeup-setting benefits in a light and gentle spray.


SPENCER BARNES LA NECK, CHIN & JAWLINE SCULPTING WAND XL – This “neck’s best thing” is the most technologically advanced way to care for the neck, chin, jawline, and décolleté at night without surgery.


ESK ULTIMATE A – This dreamy night cream combines Retinal, the most effective and least irritating form of vitamin A, and vitamin B3 to target multiple skin concerns.


GRAYLANE BEAUTY MASCARA – LENGTHEN – The multi-effects magic of the lengthening brush features one side with angled bristles, the other side with closely cropped symmetrical bristles, resulting in long, lush lashes.


SUPERSMILE ROSEWATER MINT PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING TOOTHPASTE – Get brighter, whiter teeth with Supersmile’s proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals that safely and effectively lift surface stains, resulting in a megawatt smile.


DOLL 10 OVERARCHIEVER PRECISION MICROBLADING BROW PENCIL – This ultra-creamy pencil, with its super-fine tip, is perfect for easily creating natural-looking, hair-like strokes that won’t budge.



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